Thursday, July 14, 2011

SYTYCD Season 8: Top 12 Perform

Tonight the judges panel is filled with Jesse Tyler Fergeson (Mitchell on Modern Family), who has an extensive background in Broadway, and one of my favorite choreographers Sonya Tayeh. With only 6 couples left, they'll all be performing two routines so this night is packed to the brim with dancing. Love it!

We're so close to the Top 10 and there are more than few couples I didn't imagine would make it this far. I'm sure you can guess I'm thinking of Ryan and Jess. Their respective partners are great, but I definitely didn't see these two in my Top 10. This is the last chance for America to make my dream Top 10 a reality! The other couple I didn't expect to see this far in is Caitlynn and Mitchell. They have been a fantastic surprise duo! They not only pull off the dancing well, but they have amazing chemistry as partners and even pull of the romantic stories well. (Which I didn't quite expect from someone as flamboyant as Mitchell, that just proves how talented at performing and diving into his character he is.)

Now, on to the dancing!