Thursday, March 4, 2010

ABDC: Lady Gaga Challenge

There is no bottom two and elimination this week! I'm glad they're skipping eliminations this week after the voting snafu last episode. The crews better bring it this week though, since the bottom two are going home next week.

Static Noyze
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
There's no way their performance could come out bigger than the video. Lady Gaga's videos are huge dramatic experiences. Ha, I like how they incorporated a lot of her fashion in their outfits. It was strong performance, with their theatrics working well with Lady Gaga's drama.

Blue Print Cru
Bad Romance
That was a fantastic performance! There were so many stand out moments - the b-boy section in the air, the part where the girl was raised up, the flips and pirouttes, everything. That was amazing and so Gaga, but at the same time still true to Blue Print's moves.

Jungle Boogie
Video Phone featuring Beyonce
They had a tough time following such a great performance. I thought the performance was a little slow, but the song choice didn't help. This is my least favorite Gaga song, so I'm not all that surprised that this routine just didn't hit it for me.

Heavy Impact
It will be interesting to see them pull of Lady Gaga. Oh wow, definitely didn't think they would go with the poles. Ha, loved the the catwalk moment. There was a messed up flip, but they played it off well.

Hype 5-0
Poker Face
I hope they do well; come on Islanders! They had some great moments, but those Gaga shirts with the hair were way distracting. The beginning was very memorable, but I wish they had more memorable moments. Having been in the bottom twice already, I have a feeling they'll be going home next week.

They're choosing a very hard segment to use, they've had trouble with props before so we'll see how this goes. So, they used the crutches to call out Saltare? Otherwise, they didn't really use their prop. The crawl was so weird, I kind of loved it. The backward tutting was so clean and precise, how did they see it to work that out?! While their routines are always solid, I'm kind of getting bored of it. There's only so many ways to pop and isolate, right?

Just Dance
They are so lucky the votes are thrown out this week, because their mistakes stand out more than most. This week was flawless! They had some great choreography with and without ropes. The stunts and b-boy moves were stand outs and I really hope they stay around longer. I know they're a "gimmick" crew, but that doesn't make them any less talented.

Safe Crew: 
Blue Print Cru! I'm not surprised, they were far and away the best crew of the night. That may have even been the best of the season.

Who's going home next week?
I'm going with Hype 5-0 and Jungle Boogie. Sad to say it, since I really want the Hawaii crew to stay around.

New Trailer: Prince of Persia

I still can't quite get passed Jake's accent. I don't know what it's supposed to be.

Otherwise, this looks epic! This new trailer reveals a bit more of the story for those of us not familiar with the video game. Count me in.

Muppet Cupcakes


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Funny or Die: Presidential Reunion

Funny or Die's Presidential Reunion from Will Ferrell

 I didn't even recognize Jim Carrey!