Friday, May 13, 2011

ABDC Season 6: Justin Bieber Challenge

This week is probably going to be torturous for many of the fans. Seriously, who associates Justin Bieber with hip hop dancing? I know he’s Usher’s protégé, but come on.

With only 5 crews left, it’s getting harder and harder to pick out which crew will be in the bottom. The first group to be safe is either Instant Noodles or Iconic Boyz. Are you kidding me? Iconic Boyz are safe andInstant Noodles are in danger of going home. I guess it’s appropriate that the teen boys are the first to dance to the “teen dream” Bieber.

Crew: Iconic Boyz
Justin Bieber Song: Baby featuring Ludachris
Background: They have to incorporate basketball moves into their routine, since he played basketball in his movie NEVER SAY NEVER. They won’t have a ball on stage, so they’ll have to mime together to get the imagery across.
Routine: I love that their master mix included D-Trix’s commentary on how they’re “all like a bunch of dancing Justin Biebers.” Oh snap, did I just enjoy their routine? That was my favorite of their routines yet. They did a great job incorporating basketball movements, but JC thought it was all really easy choreography. He wants them to step up their game since that didn’t show off that they’re supposed to be among the best. Lil Mama got what they were going for and thinks they’re growing. D-Trix didn’t agree with JC this week, and turned his insult back on him. “Don’t be a crackhead, man.” He loved the progression in their movements and the story of the game they told. He’s got Bieber Fever, but this week D-Trix caught Iconic Fever.