Friday, May 13, 2011

ABDC Season 6: Justin Bieber Challenge

This week is probably going to be torturous for many of the fans. Seriously, who associates Justin Bieber with hip hop dancing? I know he’s Usher’s protégé, but come on.

With only 5 crews left, it’s getting harder and harder to pick out which crew will be in the bottom. The first group to be safe is either Instant Noodles or Iconic Boyz. Are you kidding me? Iconic Boyz are safe andInstant Noodles are in danger of going home. I guess it’s appropriate that the teen boys are the first to dance to the “teen dream” Bieber.

Crew: Iconic Boyz
Justin Bieber Song: Baby featuring Ludachris
Background: They have to incorporate basketball moves into their routine, since he played basketball in his movie NEVER SAY NEVER. They won’t have a ball on stage, so they’ll have to mime together to get the imagery across.
Routine: I love that their master mix included D-Trix’s commentary on how they’re “all like a bunch of dancing Justin Biebers.” Oh snap, did I just enjoy their routine? That was my favorite of their routines yet. They did a great job incorporating basketball movements, but JC thought it was all really easy choreography. He wants them to step up their game since that didn’t show off that they’re supposed to be among the best. Lil Mama got what they were going for and thinks they’re growing. D-Trix didn’t agree with JC this week, and turned his insult back on him. “Don’t be a crackhead, man.” He loved the progression in their movements and the story of the game they told. He’s got Bieber Fever, but this week D-Trix caught Iconic Fever.

Joining Instant Noodles in the bottom two is Street Kingdom. Could this be the week that Street Kingdom goes home? Without seeing either of the bottom two routines, I think Instant Noodles is going home. The judges just love Street Kingdom so much, it’ll be hard for Instant Noodles to impress them enough to stay.

Crew: IaMmE
Justin Bieber Song: Somebody to Love featuring Usher
Background: They’ll have to do the iconic Usher glide dance move within their routine. This group is known more for their isolations, tutting, and their brain bang, it’ll be nice to see them have to do a tricky foot work move. Olivia is 15, so of course she has Bieber Fever.
Routine: Last week’s routine was so great, so my expectations were a little too high for this week. Lil Mama had the best compliment for them:
“I don’t even know what notes to give you guys but to stay great.”
And really, I have to agree with her. The judges loved their routine, with the only bad word against them is that they stayed in the center of the stage again. Old habits are hard to break. Other than that, they seem to be the frontrunners with no weak routines in their repetoire.

Crew: Phunk Phenomenon
Justin Bieber Song: eeinie Meenie Miney mo Lover featuring Sean Kingston
Background: They have to incorporate intricate stepping choreography. I don’t really get how this relates to Bieber, but whatever just go with it. This is very difficult for the b-boy crew, so it’ll be interesting to see how they fair.
Routine: They are so good! Their stepping was great, but their b-boy moves are just ABSURD. He did a reverse airchair spin onto two hands and a triple backflip without reaching for his hands just because he can. Bebo is just ridiculous! JC loved the balance they did with showmanship, alternating between the harder movements and the fun teenybopper moves. He also loved the way they handled the tempo change.

Bottom Two

Crew: Instant Noodles
Justin Bieber Song: Runaway Love
Background: Two weeks before ABDC, Chuck was in Taiwan with his mom who is battling cancer. They’re bringing out the sob story, I think that means this crew is going home? Their challenge is to dance with chairs, lifting it up and flipping it around. As B-boys, it’s hard to do tricks off chairs since it’s not solid ground.
Routine: I loved that they went all the way with the Bieber hair. Challenges to incorporate props are always the hardest and they did a great job working in the chairs. D-Trix didn’t like them at first, but have liked them more and more each week. He highlighted their in sync footwork and coin drops in front, and thought they were on point. JC thought they brought the theatricality, playing the role of heart throbs while still staying true to themselves. He thought they owned the prop and highlighted the final move where they spelled out “Bieber” with the chairs on stage.

Crew: Street Kingdom
Justin Bieber Song: Never Say Never with Jayden Smith
Background: Since this is the song for the new Karate Kid, they have to add high flying kicks into their routine. Again, I feel like their challenge fits pretty well within their style. Adding a fighting move to krumping just doesn’t sound that out of place.
Routine: This was my favorite of their routines so far! I liked the fighting choreography and storyline. Lil Mama loved their growth; they took it to the next level in their choreography. They had a battlescene challenge before which didn’t impress and they took those notes and killed it in this fight scene. JC summed up my thoughts exactly – the audience at home never sees their routine fully, but this week the choreography and size of the group worked together for us at home to see just how good they can be. Also, I just want to highlight my favorite moment from their routine: Tight Eyez doing the Instant Noodles gesture and then dry heaving. Now that’s a street battle move we don’t see enough of!

I think both of these crews should be here over Iconic Boyz, but one of them has to go thanks to America’s votes. The crew that’s back next week is Street Kingdom, of course! The judges have loved them since the beginning and this was their best routine yet. This routine finally let America catch a glimpse of how good they can be.

With only four crews left, it’s getting harder and harder to predict who will be in the bottom. I can only hope that Iconic Boyz are finally in the bottom. They’ll probably be joined by Street Kingdom, since it doesn’t seem like America likes them as much as the judges. Here’s my guess at the order of the eliminations:

4. Iconic Boyz
3. Street Kingdom
2. Phunk Phenomenon
1. IaMmE Crew taking it all. They just have such diversity in their skills, haven’t
floundered once, and continue to change it up and keep the audience guessing on
what they’ll do each week.

This is the first season a West Crew won’t be taking home the title, since Instant Noodles was the last West Crew left. This year belongs to either a East or South crew for the first time in America’s Best Dance Crew’s history.

Next week is Nicki Minaj week, and the crews will finally be doing an all crew group number. I’ve got some high hopes since I love Nicki’s music!

This whole episode was a tie-in to the release of Justin Beiber's concert movie NEVER SAY NEVER, so if that's your cup o tea, you can buy the Blu-Ray from Amazon here:

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