Friday, December 11, 2009

Linkulous: Lady Gaga, Top 10 Lists, TV Analysis, and More

Here are some of the most interesting articles I read this week. Maybe I'll start a weekly thing out of this.

When TV Became an Art - How the Aughties redefined the Television medium.

How to Discover Your Lifes Purpose - good for my fellow recent grads. I'm still figuring out this whole post-grad life, so I thought maybe others were too.

Big Shake Ups are coming to How I Met Your Mother

The Post Break Up Facebook Effect - social behaviors that are ingrained in us (or even instinctual?) in this new tech age.

TV's Best of the Decade: No. 25 - I was a huge fan of this show when it started, but fled during the lows of the 2nd season. Sounds like I need to add Season 4 to the netflix queue. Also, you should check out the rest of his picks. He's posting one a day, so they're not all up yet. But I agree with most of his picks so far, and he may have finally converted me to appreciating It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a show I just really can't get behind.

About That Spanish 'LOST' promo... - analysis of the Lost promo and how it reflects upon the show and the fans reaction.

Yes, LA's Cup Runneth Over - a look at the underappreciated and underacknowledged theater scene in LA.

Pinched: Living in a Van - one man's journey to go through grad school without taking out student loans.

5 Star Wars Facebook Status Updates

Time's Top 10 Everything for 2009

Lady Gaga's Little Shop of Horrors

Lady Gaga: Most Fascinating of the Year?

'Mad Men' to 'Gossip Girl': Not all nothingness is created equal

iTunes lists Top Sellers of the Year

A comprehensive list of Best Of Lists - For list junkies.

Frank Talk with Lady Gaga

Is LA the Toughest Town for Singles?

Nielson's Top 10 Rated Shows of 2009 - Very happy with the time shifted list! I love about half the shows on there. Too bad 3 of them were cancelled/wrapped up this season.

I think I've left you with enough to chew on to get you through the weekend. Have a great weekend!

Dollhouse: The Death March Continues

Last week's episodes were the best to have aired yet! This is what I wish it could have been from the beginning. But, shoulda woulda coulda never amount to anything. Here's the preview for tonight's 2 hour block:

Tune in to Fox tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT.