Thursday, July 23, 2009

Results show reaction

Just saw the results for So You Think You Can Dance. Haven't seen the episode so I can't comment just yet. Just want to say that I'm not surprised that Jason and Janette went home. Jason because he just doesn't have the fan following of Evan. And Janette because she was the only lady to not have a stand out dance. She may have even been hindered by Mia proclaiming her as her favorite dancer of the season. The audience might have felt she was safe and didn't need to be rallied around and vote for multiple times. It'll be interesting to see if/when Evan goes home.

UPDATE: Finally saw the episode

I'm very surprised Brandon was the other guy in the bottom 2. But I guess I was going to be surprised either way since Ade had THE number of the night and Brandon delivered a knockout performance as well.

The Hummingbird routine was great, as to be expected. I had seen it before so no surprises there.

I had never seen the full Bench routine, despite having heard of it before. It was a beautiful dance and very well done. Is there a deeper story that they explained in the pre-dance video when it was on the show? I could gather a basic relationship story, but just want to know if there's anything more.

I had never seen nor heard of the RamaLama Top 10 group dance and, my goodness, that was amazing!! Such a great dancing. They were so in sync and had great lines that nearly every second would have made a fantastic photo! I definitely want to watch that dance again. Wade is just so talented! I'm glad he's back this season, and hopefully many more to come!

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 8

So, KT and I tried to do our video review, but for some reason my computer would just stop recording after 2 minutes. Not cool! Well, my written comments will have to suffice. I wasn't going to write anything, but so much happened last night that I just have to comment!

  • The first half of the show was technically good, but there was no sparkle or punch that made any of the dances really stick. Even Sonya's dance was just ok, and I usually love her stuff.
  • I thought the pairing of Jeanine/Brandon would have resulted in pure magic, but their first dance lacked chemistry. They had a GREAT 2nd dance that was a very hip-hop infused jazz routine. First dance by the new choreographer and I hope to see more of her in future episodes!
  • It was great to see Melissa/Ade reunited! The first number fell flat. Ballroom was never their strength, always doing jazz/contemporary the best. Their next number will be listed among the best of the series, I'm sure. They danced about breast cancer and it was just so moving and emotional that me and KT both teared up. The judges were so weepy, I can see what some viewers thought they overpraised it, but it was still an amazing dance that deserves every recognition it can get.
  • Kayla/Jason pulled off the best hip hop routine of the season! Finally, Shane Sparks pulls out what we know he can! Their first broadway routine was good, but again lacked that punch that would have taken it to the next level. But that hip hop number was amazing! It was my favorite of the night, even more than Melissa/Ade's contemporary routine.
  • Now, I left Evan/Janette for last because I think that's where they belonged last night. Both of their dances were pretty flat. Janette danced her heart out and sizzled in the numbers, but Evan....Evan just does not belong here anymore. He has personality galore, but he is technically not at the same level. I really wish he would be the one to go home this week, but I doubt it. He has such a huge fan following that I think will carry him through much further than he deserves.
  • Prediction: I think Jason and Janette are the most in danger of going home tonight. Jason had a great number, but he hasn't connected with the audience as much as the other guys have. Janette is a fantastic dancer, but I think that her pairing with Evan could put her in the bottom. They had the least memorable dances of the night and while Evan's fans will likely save him, I don't know if Janette has the same die hard group rooting for her.
What are your guys' thoughts on last night? Who do you think is going home?

(Image courtesy of Fox)

The Race of Mobile Internet

I just read an article all about how users of mobile internet are not those we stereotypically think of. We think of these users as affluent, middle-aged, white men. Well, this is now proving to be wrong. The ethnic group adopting mobile internet the fastest is actually African Americans!
African-Americans the most active users of mobile Internet, they are also the fastest growing group to adopt the technology: the percentage of African-Americans using mobile phones or another type of connected gadget to share e-mail, exchange instant messages and access the Internet for information on an average day has more than doubled since late 2007, jumping to 29 percent, from 12 percent.
While it's surprising, it's great to see that in some areas, the racial divide is weakening and becoming non-existant. Now if only this would happen in all areas.

Not only is the color of mobile internet changing, age is as well. This isn't a big surprise though, since it is becoming more and more normal for teens and young adults to be at the forefront of the technology landscape.

Apparently, while home computers/laptops and monthly broadband charges can be out of the reach of some homes, mobile internet is not a huge additional cost if just added on to an additional phone line. This is how African-American and Latino mobile internet usage is on the rise.