Friday, March 4, 2011

Linkulous: RUBBER Red Band Trailer, Elder Porn, How I Met Your Mother, and More

Share a YouTube Video? Go to Jail

Cultural Exchange: A porn star at 76

A Renewal for How I Met Your Mother Is Close: But Why Has It Taken So Long?
HIMYM is the No. 13 show in all of TV with viewers under 50 and one of two anchors holding up the Eye's Monday night comedy block, not to mention the youngest-skewing show on the network's entire schedule (HIMYM's average viewer is 44; the median age of a typical CBS viewer is 55).
Microsoft Begs Users To Stop Using IE 6

Social Media Bubble: Who Stands to Cash In at Facebook, Twitter and Groupon

Did your kid just swallow poison? Don't call poison control. House of Reps just voted away that luxury

Does Hollywood discriminate against young black actors?

The Celluloid Ceiling in full effect

Behind the Scenes of the latest "Old Spice" ad

The Old Spice ads are viral video hits! They cram so much humor in with their branding message in these 30 second spots that it's no wonder everyone gets a kick out of watching them. But how do they make these videos seem so seamless? Watch this behind the scenes video to see all the movie-making tricks required: