Monday, August 10, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Top Ten Best

Over at Entertainment Weekly, they ran through their top 15 dance performances from all of So You Think You Can Dance's five seasons. While I haven't watched all five seasons, I still feel that this list left off many of my favorites, particularly from Seasons 4 and 5. You can check out their list here.

Here's KT's and my list. His thoughts are italicized.

10. Twitchington Krump

Mary said this was the first time she believed in the krump number. Twitch started it off with crazy knee spin, Kherington kept up with him in impresssive fashion. A great number filled wth energy that these two knocked out the park
. I never thought Kherington could pull it off, but she and Twitch just brought it and I really understood the meaning of Buck in this dance. Hopefully Season 6 brings back Krump, because it was sadly left out of this past season.

9. Hok and Jamie Jazz

I’ll be the 1st to admit that I’m biased towards the hip hop dancers on this show. I find them more entertaining, flashier, and they usually have the best personalities. More importantly, I always enjoy the dances where the hip hoppers grow out of their b-boy cocoon, and blossom into great dancers. This was Hok’s coming out party, and the Emmy was certainly deserved.

8. This one is a toss up for us. So we're calling it a tie! Brandon and Janette Disco

Disco used to be a "dance of death" and this season totally turned that around! This routine was fast, fun, and filled with jawdropping moments like Janette's flips and where Brandon holds and spins her by just her neck.

and Brandon and Kayla Disco

This routine is up their with Josh and Twitch trepak as far as amount of movement and how tired looking it as. Doriana's disco routines this season were fast and furious and so entertaining!

7. Jason and Kayla Hip Hop

This was my favorite hip hop number of the season and it was great to see Shane Sparks back on SYTYCD! While his earlier routines in season 5 faltered, he finally had the dancers who could pull off his hard hitting moves. I love NappyTabs, but this was a nice breath of fresh air after seeing so many of their routines in the past 2 seasons.

6. Twitch and Josh- Russian Trepak

I remember when I first found out that these two brilliant hip hoppers were performing a Russian trepak instead of a hard hitting hip hop battle, I was absolutely shocked. As the dance went on, I understood why. An incredible entertaining dance, these two went back and forth in what is by far the best same sex dance to date on this show.

5. Melissa and Ade- Contemporary

Without question the most emotional dance ever on the show, this made everyone in the world cry it seemed. An incredible display of how truly powerful dance can be. The reason this number isn’t higher is the fact that this was mainly about the choreography and story, and the dancers didn’t (couldn’t really) make it their own, like the rest do. This will always be remembered as Tyce’s incredible cancer routine, not Melissa and Ade’s amazing contemporary piece.

4. Courtney and Mark Jazz

This was Sonya's first time choreographing for the show, and she certainly left her mark! Her style is so distinctive and Courtney/Mark were the best couple to pull this off - him with his quirkyness and her with her sex appeal while still being kind of cutesy. Not to mention, it's set to a song that I became completely obsessed with.

3.Twitchinton- Viennese Waltz

Twitch was by far my favorite dancer ever on this shows existence, and this dance is what really started it for me. I mentioned earlier that I love the dances where hip hoppers break their shell, and this is the best example of that. Twitch was amazing in this routine, and it started his run to the finale. Not to be lost, an incredible story by the choreographer, combined with perfect costume, song and lighting. My personal favorite dance ever.

2. Jason and Jeanine Contemporary

This dance gives me chills. Travis choreographed a great piece and they danced it with such emotion and passion that this dance just moves me. This was the dance that put Jeanine over the top for me, and made me sad when Jason left.

1. Mark and Chelsie Hip Hop

Perfection. Its what everyone strives for yet rarely if ever is able to attain. This dance is about as close to perfection as you can get. A great story, great choreography with not a single dull moment, and two great dancers turned actors in this gut wrenchingly beautiful piece. If this dance does not win the Emmy this year, I will be shocked.

Honorable Mention for favorite group number: Rama Lama!

Did we leave off any of your favorites?


  1. 3 numbers with twitch. Loves it :)

  2. you helped create the list, you big goof!