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Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Last week was chock full of surprises! We found out Katherine's "Plan B" was to compel Matt to go after Tyler until the werewolf curse was triggered (aka he killed Matt). We found out the moonstone could stop the werewolf curse (or so Mason believed). We found out Katherine had been using Jenna as a spy (and then compelled her to stab herself). And then we saw Damon rip out Mason's heart!

Caroline ran into Katherine and she is not pleased. Katherine will "rip this town apart until it rains blood" unless she gets the moonstone at the Masquerade Ball tonight. I love how many social functions this town has!

After stabbing herself, Jenna is all stitched up but mostly fine. She thinks she just walked into a knife, having no memory of being compelled.

Katherine has a new friend in town. So, odd question, but are the witches only black? So far we've only seen Emily Bennett's family and this new girl. Can a witch be Asian? She's in town to help her get the moonstone.

Stefan is going to kill Katherine, which is a change because you know we all expected Damon to be the one to do. He's enlisted Bonnie to do a spell that will isolate her away from the others so he can make his move. The scooby gang seems to be complete, only missing Elena thanks to the Katherine mandated seperation. Bonnie will take care of the spell. Jeremy will be on hand to help with the spell. Alaric will be watching over Elena. And Caroline, Damon, and Stefan will be the force that takes her out and protects the innocent bystanders.

The Masquerade is for charity and seems to have spared to expense with fire dancers and everyone with beautiful masks. 
Tyler is still looking for Mason and confronts his mom about him. She completely believes the text Damon sent because that fits his track record. He would always be coming and going, never staying in one place for too long. He and his mom have a touching moment when she comforts him and lets him know that he's not alone; she's there for him. After that sweet moment, something bad is bound to happen to Tyler.

Katherine shows up at the Masquerade and makes sure Matt is still on mission. He does look really good in a suit. I don't want him to die! Matt starts the rounds of shots early and they begin to party hard.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Jeremy are upstairs prepping the spell. Bonnie is the same dour witch, wishing she didn't have to do this but trying to keep others self. Elena's at home and realizes something is up when Jeremy's at the party.

Bonnie gets a weird vibe but doesn't realize it's because there's another witch present. She even goes up to her, but since she's never encountered another witch outside her family, she doesn't understand the feeling she gets.

Katherine threatens to kill unless Stefan dances with her, so he succumbs to stall her and to wait for the right moment to enact the plan. But one of the local girls compliments "Elena" on her dress and Katherine kills her so quickly she can't even scream. Shit, this just got REAL!

Stefan's ready to call off the mission after this unnecessary death, but Damon knows it needs to happen now.

Jeremy and Bonnie have a light moment of talking about spells to help you with homework, or make sex better. He's got a point, she should really find the fun in being a witch. Then, it's time for him to isolate Katherine. He plays the brother card to get her away from the new witch and deliver the message from the Salvatore brothers. As he walks off, he's pulled into the bushes! Whew, it's just Elena, but she's pissed she's being left in the dark.

Katherine knows something is up and gets to Caroline. Katherine, and myself, totally believed that she turned coward and gave up the plan. They trap Katherine upstairs and Damon shoots her with a stake gun. But wait, Elena starts bleeding just where Katherine got staked. THEY'RE CONNECTED SOMEHOW. This has to be the work of the new witch. This is going to make killing her problematic, to say the least.

The vampire fight continues upstairs and it's impressive to watch them in action. Throwing stakes and kicking people into walls. They have her pinned, stake at the ready, but Jeremy stops them and lets them know about the connection. With the fighting at a standstill, Katherine goes back to emotional manipulation, saying how Damon is in love with Elena. Luckily, Stefan doesn't believe her. But I do. I totally think he's in love with her and I know many fans ship Damon/Elena more than than Elena/Stefan.

Downstairs, Matt is starting to heat up the action. He plays the abusive dead father card and the anger starts. Matt throws some punches, causing Caroline to break up the fight. Caroline takes Matt down, but Katherine had a back-up. Sarah was compelled to go after him too and she succeeded. She stabbed him and he pushed her off him, but the desk was in the way causing her to break her neck on the fall down. The curse has been triggered! And apparently it's a full moon tonight? Tyler immediately starts to turn in front of Caroline's eyes. He didn't turn completely, just his eyes changed as a sign of the trigger.

Sarah is dead, the story being that she was drunk and dancing and tripped.

Stefan and Damon are still talking to Katherine upstairs, trying to figure out her plan. She faked her death in the tomb because she was running from someone. That moonstone was never hers to begin with and someone else has been searching for it.

The witches finally meet and sparks fly. The new witch (sorry, did we ever catch her name?) says she's on Bonnie's side and she can be trusted, but I totally thought it was all a ruse to get the moonstone to Katherine. Next, we see her handing the moonstone to Katherine and I thought they won. But, the Bennett name holds a lot of clout in the witch community. She puts a spell on Katherine that incapacitates her, breaks the connection between her and Elena, and apologizes for her involvement. Ah, the new witch is a distant relative and that's how Bonnie knew she could be trusted, deep down. She knows Bonnie is one of the good guys, and is doing exactly what she is doing.

Are Bonnie and Jeremy going to get together? That's one way to include them both more without it being Bonnie as a bitchy witch and Jeremy as an overeager younger brother.

Even with her out of the picture, Elena's not ready to be with Stefan again. She needs to feel that her friends and family will be safe before she can feel safe being with him again.

While Stefan tells Elena that Katherine's done for, they really just locked her in the tomb where they all believed she was for over 100 years. She pleads with Damon to release her, saying they need her to protect Elena. As a doppelganger, she's in danger. I wonder from who? Is she only in danger of people who think she's Katherine and seeking revenge? Or is it something bigger? Damon locks her away despite her protests. Just when we think Elena's safe now, someone in a huge head mask kidnaps her! Katherine was right! Who is after her now?!

Sneak Peak: First 5 Minutes of "The Walking Dead"

I've been waiting for this show since Comic-Con and it's FINALLY here! Well, in only 2 more days. But now I can watch the first five minutes of it to help me get through the home stretch. Watch and be amazed.