Friday, March 19, 2010

Linkulous: HIMYM, 3D Scam, YouTube Lawsuit, Twitter, and more!

'How I Met Your Mother': Cobie Smulders on Robin's boyfriends, Robin Sparkles and the 'dramatic season finale' - Great Q&A with Cobie Smulders about HIMYM guest stars, Robin/Barney, and what may be coming up this season.

10 Amazing Life Lessons Learned from Albert Einstein

So You Think You're a Film Critic? - this is why I went into PR instead of Cinema Studies. I like nearly every movie I see. I'm a film enthusiast to the core.

The Movie Studios Big 3D Scam

Theresa Rebeck Laura Pels Keynote Address
- a saddening account of how women playwrights account for only 17% of the theater world. 

Hollywood health scare: Is going to the movies dangerous to your health? 

Old is the New Young - below are some of the most interesting stats from this article:
  • The average "frequent game purchaser" is 39-years-old, according to the Entertainment Software Association. The average motorcyclist is 47-years-old.
  • The National Council on Aging claims 61 percent of all 60-somethings today are still sexually active. And singles 55 and older are the fastest growing group of online daters. 
  • The rate of 50-somethings' illicit drug use rose more than 70 percent during 2002-08; marijuana is now more prevalent with them than with any other age group. 
  • Recent surveys suggest as many as one in five teens now suffers from clinical depression. 
    A Master Class in Twitter with Syfy's Craig Engler: Part 1 and Part 2 - great look at how twitter help put a voice to your network and engage the fans.

    Running from the Recession 

    YouTube Accuses Viacom of Uploading Clips, Making Its Life Difficult