Friday, July 31, 2009

What a difference Ade makes

Ok, let's talk about last night's result show. Sorry for the delay in updating about it, but I needed to sit and digest a bit after the elimination.

I'm sorry, but Evan should have gone home WEEKS ago. If he wins this over Jeanine, Brandon, or Kayla, this season will go down in So You Think You Can Dance history as a flop! It'll have great ratings, and some great dances, but will be tainted by the fact that Evan does not belong here anymore!

Ade should be standing up there next week. When we watch Brandon and Evan dancing, I'll always wonder what great routine we're missing out on because Ade isn't there. Brandon/Ade as a partnering would have had such strength and interesting moves! While and Brandon/Evan partnering will probably be good, but just can't possibly live up to the physicality that could have been.

Ok, now that that's out of my system, I do agree with Melissa's elimination. She's so talented and has shown great range and versatility, but she is not at the same level as Jeanine and Kayla. She had a great run on the show and deserved to get as far as she did! Just shows that even an "old" dancer can make it, if they have the skill.

So, next week is the finale! I'm looking forward to the routines the top 3 (and Evan) will perform. I'm also really looking forward to the results show, because the last episode is when they have a few of the best routines from the season performed again. What routines do you think they'll pick? Here are my guesses:
  • Evan/Randi - Mia Michaels Contemporary butt routine - because it's the best of Evan's and they have to give him something to do.
  • Brandon/Janette - this duo have lots to choose from so it could be their Disco routine, the Argentinian Tango, or Wade Robson's thief routine.
  • Jason/Jeanine - Travis Wall's Contemporary routine - one of my favorites of the season.
  • Melissa/Ade - Tyce Diorio's Brest Cancer routine - it's an obvious choice, but they could also pick their ballet routine since it was a first for the show.
  • Kayla/Kupono - Mia Michaels Contemporary - Addiction routine.
  • I'd like them to pick Jason/Kayla's Shane Sparks hip hop routine, but I doubt they will. That was my other favorite from this season.
It'll be interesting to see how many routines will include the top 4. I'm guessing Evan will only be in one, while the others could easily be in 2 or more.

(Image from TV Guide)


  1. I wonder how many people were turned off to Ade because of his hair pick sticking out of his head? I know I wanted to find him somehow and tell him how truley stupid he looked on the other side of the TV. But maybe it is a generational cultural impass on my part....but stupid looks stupid.