Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 9

This week the top 3 girls and top 6 guys dance with the All Stars to stay alive on the show. This is the first week where the contestants will be dancing solos; it will be nice to see them dance on their own again without sharing the spotlight with the All Stars.

Adechike with All Star Lauren
Dave Scott Hip Hop
"HOT-N-FUN" by NERD featuring Nelly Furtado
That routine was fun, but not so much hot. Adechike finally showed some personality in this performance, he was smiling throughout!

Ashley with All Star Ade
Dee Caspary Contemporary
"Cosmic Love" by florence _ the Machine
That was intense! While this was contemporary again, this was a very different dance from her previous routines. It was a great routine and she had palpable chemistry with Ade. While I want her to get some variety, this week she danced so well that I didn't care that this was her 3rd contemporary/jazz routine. Mia had some very high praise, saying she was a cut above the other female dancers.

Solo: Billy Bell
"Something Bigger, Something Better" by Amanda Blank
His lines are just amazing. His back bends...I just didn't think men could do that.

Robert with All Star Courtney
Sonya Tayeh Jazz
While I always like Sonya's routine, this one definitely is not among my favorites. I can't pinpoint what was missing for me, but Mia suggested Robert take ballet to ground his movements.

Solo: Jose Ruiz
"Superbad" by James Brown
His b-boy moves are amazing. Sick freezes and awesome windmills.

Melinda with All Star Pasha
Fabian Sanchez Salsa
"Magdalena, Mi Amor (Quibara)" by DLG
Her second routine with Pasha and I personally think it was a disaster. Her dress got caught on her shoe in the beginning, and it just didn't get any better. Every trick seemed like a struggle, every step seemed like she had to think about it. I agree with the judges - they made a mistake in keeping her and letting Christina went home.

Solo: Kent Boyd
Down (Candlelight Remix) by Jay Sean
His flips are fantastic - he just flys!

Solo: Alex Wong
"Rule the Planet" from the Planet of the Apes (soundtrack)

Lauren with All Star Niel
Joey Dowling Broadway
"Let Me Entertain You" by Debbie Gibson
The story of the routine is that Niel is a newspaper boy day dreaming about a 1940s star. Her dress broke in the middle of the routine! That wardrobe malfunction could have been the second coming of nipplegate! Luckily, she held it together (both the dance and the dress!) and put on a great performance.

Solo: Ashley
"Royal T" by Crookers featur Roisin Murphy

Billy with All Star Kathryn
Stacy Tookey Contemporary
"Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri
That was beautifully danced and I just can't believe how good Billy is. The judges didn't feel his connection with Kathryn was as strong as it could be, but I completely felt it.

Solo: Robert
"Hold You in My Arms" by Ray Lamontagne

Jose with All Star Anya
Demetri Samba
"Long Time" by Shakira
It's so hard for the guys to dance with Anya - she just draws the eye way more than they could they did a good job of following Jose more with the camera to make up for it, but I still found myself watching Anya more. Nigel nailed it - Jose has charisma that can't be taught.

Solo: Melinda
"Empire State of Mind" Part II by Alicia Keys

Kent with All Star Allison
Mandy Moore Jazz
""Heartburn" by Alica Keys
What I noticed even more than the dancing were the girls screaming randomly throughout. The girls love him.

Solo: Adechike
"Ruthless Gravity" by Craig Armstrong
I think this is the same song he danced his Vegas solo to, but the dance itself seemed different.

Solo: Lauren
"Unchained Melody" by cyndi Lauper

Alex with All Star Twitch
NappyTabs Hip Hop
"Outta Your Mind" by Lil Jon and LMAO
THAT WAS AWESOME! Standing ovation from the judges and the audience is going wild, chanting his name. I loved the story behind it (therapist and patient) and they even threw in some in-jokes on his ballet background. Twitch is a beast of hip hop and Alex completely held his own.

Favorite Routine: Alex and Twitch by far! Distant second goes to Ashley and Ade.

Prediction: Melinda is going home this week, no doubt in my mind. Robert will be down there with him with either Jose or Billy rounding out the bottom 3.

Rango: First Trailer

Johnny Depp and Gore Virbenski are hoping their partnership can lead to treasure once again. While the Pirates of the Caribbean films have their low points, the first one is still one of my favorite summer blockbusters. I saw that movie three times in theaters, I loved it so much. 

Their latest project is Rango, about a chameleon who is having an identity crisis. Watch the trailer below:

Old Spice Man is Back!

While I don't think it's as good as the first one, because originality goes a long way, it's still funny.

AT-AT Day Afternoon

[via Cinematical]