Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ellen's fabulous!

Two of my favorites: Ellen and So You Think You Can Dance!

I was pretty impressed that Ellen did a whole routine with them, instead of just cracking wise while they did the heavy lifitng. Loved it!

Here he comes to save the day...ANT-MAN!

It seems the Disney/Marvel deal has their first prospective project! It's all just rumors and speculation, so who knows if it'll get much further than talk.

So, I present to you....Pixar Marvel's ANT-MAN:

I don't know much about the lore of Ant-Man, so I can't fully judge if this would fit. But by making it a Pixar film, it seems it would be more kid friendly and funnier than if it were a straight Marvel film under the old order. It seems like a movie that Marvel studios couldn't have made before, because of the high risk of making a movie about a superhero that stands at only 4 inches tall, and no public knowledge of the character beforehand.

What do you guys think? Could this partnership turn out a great movie that otherwise would never have been made? Or should it stay out of the movie world?

(via Get the Big Picture)