Friday, September 24, 2010

Santa Monica is all aGLOW

Tomorrow marks the return of the Glow Santa Monica. It's a unique FREE event - glowing art on the Santa Monica beach! Starting at dusk you can walk with the sand between your toes, listen to the crashing waves, and be surrounded by glowing art and exhibits.
For a unique and unusual artistic experience, hit up Santa Monica on the night of September 25, where you will witness glowing, interactive exhibits of light and sound populating the beach, the pier and Palisades Park all night long.

Glow Santa Monica is a free event that lets you run around by the ocean in the middle of the night and check out original work by 25 local, national and international artists, commissioned just for this event, which is one of a kind in the world.

Starting at sunset and lasting until dawn, Glow Santa Monica is an all-night celebration of creativity thrown by the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Fund, akin to the Nuit Blanche events thrown in European cities like Paris and Rome – but they don’t have the beach and the waters of the Pacific to reflect the lights, doubling the beauty and enhancing the experience.


Linkulous: SNL, Catfish, JJ Abrams, Hipsters, and more

Jenny Slate finds life after SNL online

Book Proving that Women are Better Than Men 

What Got Cut from Catfish

J.J. Abrams Reportedly Pitching TV Show Starring Lost’s Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson

The Sad Science of Hipsterism

Blood & Boobs Film Fest at the New Beverly

I just found out about this all too perfect film festival happening - Blood & Boobs Film Fest! I'm a huge fan of b-movies, over-the-top violence and nudity, and anything else that is so ridiculous, it's hilarious.

I'm definitely going to be checking out "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" and "Nude Nuns with Big Guns" on Sunday! It's too bad Sharktopus and the USC game vs. Washington State is on Saturday, otherwise I'd definitely be checking out "My Japanese Wife Next Door" Parts 1 and 2. I've never heard of it before, but the fact that it fits under the theme TOTAL F*#KING JAPANESE INSANITY has me completely intrigued.

Check out the full schedule:

Comedy hosts, house band & guests
Serial: “Curious Happenings of George Warrior” with George Warrior in attendance*
Vertical Lines world premiere music promo
Classic 35mm Girl Biker/Prison/Gang Movie Trailers
Pornioke world premiere - become virtual ‘70s porn stars!
Feature film: “Suicide Girls Must Die!” with Director Missy Suicide
and Suicide Girls in attendance*
Mix & Mingle Party

Comedy hosts, house band & guests
Short film: “Dohar: Lord of Beasts” with Dohar in attendance*
Christine Nguyen: A Celebration with Christine Nguyen in person*
Classic 35mm Insane Monster Movie Trailers
Feature: “Mega Piranha” (uncut) with cast & crew in attendance*
Mix & Mingle Party

Comedy hosts, house band & guests
Serial: “Curious Happenings of George Warrior” with George Warrior in attendance*
Mini feature: “Safety First: The Rise of Women!”
Classic 35mm Russ Meyer/Nudie Movie Trailers
Feature: “Pervert: The Movie” (uncut) with cast and crew in attendance, including
Mary Carey*
Mix & Mingle Party

Comedy hosts, house band & guests
Serial: “Curious Happenings of George Warrior” George Warrior in attendance*
Double Feature: “The Japanese Wife Next Door” and
“The Japanese Wife Next Door 2” with cast and crew in attendance from Japan*
Classic 35mm Weird Japanese Movie Trailers
Boobs and Blood Awards Ceremony Part 1
Mix & Mingle Party

Comedy hosts, house band & guests
Serial: “Curious Happenings of George Warrior” with George Warrior in attendance*
3-D Boobs: Amazing 3-D footage from the ‘60s and ‘70s with live jazz music
Classic 35mm Lesbian Vampire Movie Trailers
35mm Feature: “Vampyres” with star Anulka Dziubinska in person*
Mix & Mingle Party

Comedy hosts, house band & guests
Serial: “Curious Happenings of George Warrior” with George Warrior in attendance*
Feature: “S&M Hunter”
Classic 35mm Asian Vampire Movie Trailers
Feature: “Twilight Dinner” - International premiere with director and actors in attendance*
Mix & Mingle Party

Sunday Night: CLOSING
Comedy hosts, house band & guests
Serial: “Curious Happenings of George Warrior” with George Warrior in attendance*
Classic 35mm Insane 80’s Movie Trailers
Boobs and Blood Awards Ceremony Part 2
Trailer premiere: “Nude Nuns With Big Guns” and Q&A with cast and crew*
35mm Feature: “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers” with director Fred Olen Ray,
stars Michelle Bauer and Jay Richardson in attendance*
Mix & Mingle Party
Shows feature contests, celebrity guests, & our special comedy hosts:
Eric Acosta, Brady Novak & Chris Fairbanks*
“Boobs & Blood” Dancers Choreography: Cassandra Hein

For more information and tickets, visit the official website at

The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

How fitting that on the night of the harvest moon, Vampire Diaries dives deep into the werewolf storyline.

While Alaric's knowledge is limited to second hand stories from his wife's thesis, Tyler is doing some digging into his uncle's activities. Apparently the old Lockwood estate in the forest has a cellar filled with bondage apparatuses and claw marks on the wall. Wolfman much?

Alaric, Elena, and Damon travel to Alaric's home town to find info from his undead wife's thesis. They seem to have no troubles getting in, but the assistant quickly pulled a crossbow on their asses! You just can't trust anybody!

And now for the full mythology: 600 years ago, Aztecs were plagued with werewolves and vampires. They travelled into North America hunting and farming. They could no longer deal with the fighting and deaths, so they cursed them. These curses lead vampires to be slaves to the sun and werewolves bending to the will of the full moon. Hundreds of years of vampires hunting werewolves have left them nearly extinct, leaving the Tyler family among the last ones on Earth. The Salvatore brothers better watch out, the werewolf bite is lethal and their instincts will lead them straight to our resident vampires. 

Meanwhile, Caroline finally gets a daywalker ring and can act like a normal teenager again. Well, close enough anyway. Apparently, vampires are what they were as humans, times a hundred. So unforetunately for Caroline, that means she'll be an neurotic, controlling freak on crack. Also including jealous girlfriend personality traits.

Tyler's party at the old estate could very well lead to a massacre. After being warned to end the party before nightfall, of course that little punk didn't listen. His party of two in the cellar caused his uncle to fail at locking himself up - leaving him loose upon the city of Mystic Falls. Caroline and Matt sneak off into the woods, where he cuts himself on a branch. She can't resist his blood and ends up biting him! Luckily, Stefan stopped her before she killed him. Whew, Matt is way too adorable to die just yet.

Stefan and Caroline run through the woods to try to escape the werewolf, but he finds them and attacks. Just when I thought Caroline was going to die, Tyler orders the werewolf to stop and he obeys. I wonder if the bloodlink makes it impossible for him to ignore the command.

Upon returning to Mystic Falls, Alaric does something he should have done episodes ago - finally kissed Elena's aunt! She definitely needs more to do as a character, so this will help. Although, it makes me wonder if Alaric's time on the show is limited: her last two love interests both ended up dead.

Damon confesses to Elena hat he didn't know that Jeremy (where was he this episode?) was wearing the magic ring, but is so glad that he was because it was an impulsive, stupid thing to do. While the honesty is refreshing, I don't know if their friendship will ever recover.

After feeding off Matt, the one person she never wanted to hurt, Caroline pulls out the drama to make him break up with her. It's the only way to keep him safe, but this will definitely not help her maintain her humanity. And if she is joining up with Katherine, we can kiss good Caroline goodbye. I don't know if vampire Caroline is long for this world.

There is never a dull moment on this show! Tune in next week when Katherine and Elena finally meet face to face.