Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18

This is the last week of the rushed episodes, now that the World Series is wrapping up soon. Thank goodness! I want to vote and have my say! So let's get started on the Top 18.

Couple: Noelle/Russell
Dance: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Jamal Sims
Song: Move Shake Drop Remix
I loved the idea behind it, but the execution was too rushed and messy. The matrix style move was the highlight for me. Noelle's sloppy cartwheel stood out in the wrong way. I'm glad Noelle can stay on the show, but that was not the best first impression for this couple.

Couple: Jakob/Ashleigh
Dance: Viennese Waltz
Song: At Last by Etta James
They had pretty good lifts, but it was weird because they're basically the same size. Ashleigh may even be bigger than him. The judges love her, but I still can't get over her terrible audition.

Couple: Victor/Bianca
Dance: Broadway
Choreographer: Tyce D'Orio
Song: Maybe God is Trying to Tell You Something from "The Color Purple"
Bianca looked more natural and committed to the character. Victor is too trained and was a little too polished for it to seem like a spontaneous gospel dance.

Couple: Mollee/Nathan
Dance: Bollywood
Choreographer: Nicoul
Nathan is amazing. Those pirourettes...and then he slowed down and stayed on one leg, just ridiculous! This was the first dance where I actually liked the use of the screen at the back of the screen. The opening image with the sun was striking.

Couple: Channing/Philip
Dance: Samba
Song: Maracutu Funk
Wow, those lifts looked painful! Channing did alright with her hip turns, but she just danced very heavy. It must be that athletic background of hers. Those lifts just made me worry that Philip was going to drop her. I totally agree with with Nigel, it looked like he was lifting a "sack of potatoes" instead of a graceful lady. I was very surprised that only Philip was in the bottom, but it was mainly his struggles with the lifts that brought them down.

Couple: Kevin/Karen
Dance: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Nappy Tabs
Song: Ice Cream Paint Job
Damn, this was such a fun, sexy dance! Karen is hot hot hot, and sorry Kevin but you still weren't very noticed in this routine. I loved the car sounds and the corresponding dance moves. Shankman's reaction was hilarious. I love him as a judge and I'm so glad it was him of all the judges that is now permanent. Karen continues her ride on the Hot Tamale Train and now Kevin joins her. I'm really digging this couple, and this dance is among my favorites so far this season.

Couple: Karthryn/Legacy
Dance: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacy Tucci (Tookey?)
Song: 2 Steps Away
I'm sad Mia's left the show, but hopefully this leaves the door open for more routines by Stacy. I loved this routine, and it was such a smart move to make Legacy's move more like Contemp-hop than straight contemporary. I loved the ending where she's slowly pushing him down to the ground.

Couple: Pauline/Peter
Dance: Jazz
Choreographer: Wade Robsen
Song: Little Green Bag
Wade routine's are always so unique and memorable. This was the new couple and I thought they had great chemistry. They were so in sync, had great timing, and were very committed to their characters. I loved the use of the background screen here too. I especially loved when they took the stars out of the sky. Another one of my favorites.

Couple: Elenore/Ryan
Dance: Argentine Tango
Song: Violentango
Elenore was transformed for me in this dance. She does quirky so well, that last week's was perfect for her. But in this routine, she was so elegant and composed. Even with her dress snagged on her heel for the majority of it, they held it together and acted like nothing was wrong. I expected this of Ryan, being ballroom, but not of Elenore.

Bottom 4:
Noelle dancing to "For a Reason" by Zhane. Her solo was amazing! My favorite of the 4.
Victor dancing to "Navras" from the Matrix Revolutions. He's really good. I hope he can pull a good dance next week, so we can see more of his talent.
Bianca tapping to "Tootsee Roll". I would not have expected tapping to this song. She has such personality in her own style.
Philip tapping to "Almost Like Being in Love". I just do not like him as a performer. He is a great tapper, but the cheesy smile seems so fake and just puts me off.

Goodbye: Bianca and Philip. Sad to see 2 tappers go home, but I totally understand it. Noelle had the best solo of the night and that definitely saved her. I think the Channing/Victor pairing could be really good - especially if they get a contemporary/jazz routine.

My favorite routine of the night is a tie between Wade's art Jazz and Nappy Tabs' Hip Hop. Both were just so fun and entertaining. Great choreography highlighted by great dancing.

"Men Who Stare At Goats" take on "Paranormal Activity"

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm excited for this movie. Smart marketing job here, yet again. It needs to come out already!

Paranormal Activity is the most profitable movie ever. You knew it wouldn't take long for someone to spoof it's marketing campaign.

Random Videos of the Day

No explanation needed.

Cougar Town: Ask Barb

I'm really loving the Wednesday Comedy hour of "Modern Family" and "Cougar Town". Cougar was especially a surprise. Not only Courtney Cox great in it, while being very different from Monica, but the supporting cast steal the show with their great one-liners and reactions. The most ridiculous, and therefore most hilarious, is Barb: The Ultimate Cougar. And apparently, ABC knows this and have given her her own webisodes. Check out her show below:

Prince of Persia

I'm a huge Jake Gylenhaal fan and I'm so glad he's taking a stab at action movies. I know they don't really expand on one's acting cred, but they are fun and give him an opportunity to show off his newly well defined muscles. I approve! Check out the trailer below. Will you go see it?