Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Zombie Cats?

This cake proves that cats will be immune to the Zombie-pocolyse and could be the only thing that will save us when it comes. Just something to think about.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Top 15 Routines

Last night was the So You Think You Can Dance clip show to prep up the new season. Nigel listed off his top 15 routines, and his absolute favorite so it was really at top 16. A while back, KT and I created our list of our favorite 10 routines. Here's Nigel's list, with some of my thoughts:

  1. Destiny/Jamille - Shane Sparks hip hop (Season 1)
  2. Blake/Melody - Tyce Diorio Broadway to "All that Jazz" (Season 1)
  3. Benji/Heidi - Mary Murphy Ballroom to "Black mambo" (Season 2) I wish Mary would choreograph more! I hadn't seen this routine before and really enjoyed it.
  4. Ivan/Allison - Tyce Diorio Contemporary (Season 2) This was one of the favorites of season 2. I haven't seen all the routines, but this stood out on this list for me.
  5. Travis/Heidi - Mia Michaels Bench Routine (Season 2)
  6. Hok/Jamie - Wade Robson Hummingbird (Season 3)
  7. Sabra/Neil Mandy Moore Jazz to "Sweet Dreams" (Season 3) This is one of my favorites from season 3, it's easy to see why Sabra came out on top this season.
  8. Lacey/Danny - Dmitri Samba to "Hip Hip Chin Chin" (Season 3) The only other Samba I've enjoyed this much was Kayla/Max in the Top 20 from season 5.
  9. Lauren/Pascha - Shane Sparks Hip Hop to "Transformers" (Season 3) I didn't know Shane Sparks was nominated for an Emmy! Great routine and I loved the lighting and costumes.
  10. Courtney/Mark Sonya Jazz to "The Garden"(Season 4) - This is tied for 1st in book. Sonya entered the show with a bang, one of my favorite routines of the show. I hope she can reach that level again in season 6.
  11. Chelsie/Mark Nappy Tabs Hip Hop to "Bleeding Love" (Season 4)
  12. Katee/Josh - Mia Michaels Contemporary to "Home Town Glory" (Season 4) I'm glad this dance is finally getting some recognition. That assisted run literally made my jaw drop when I saw it for the first time.
  13. Branden/Jeanette - Doriana Disco (Season 5) This marks when Disco no longer became the dance of death. Loved it!
  14. Kayla/Kupono - Mia Michaels Addiction (Season 5) Beautiful, meaningful number.
  15. Jeanine/Jason - Travis Wall Contemporary to "If it Kills Me" (Season 5) This is my other #1. I've lost count of how many times I've watched this routine thanks to youtube and DVR.
Nigel's favorite: Ade/Melissa - Tyce Diorio Contemporary to "This Womans Work" aka The Cancer Dance. I know how much this affected so many people, but this is an emotional number, not really a dance number. I feel like all the praise and love that the judges have poured onto this number are just going to create a backlash. It probably already has.

What did you guys think of list? Any of your favorites left off? Personally, I can't believe Twitch wasn't in any of the routines listed. He was a favorite on the show and was a part of many memorable numbers.

[image courtesy of Fox TV]

Free Bowling!

Got any plans for Saturday night? FREE Bowling this Saturday at all participating locations. It's all to celebrate what they hope to make a new "holiday": National Bowling Day. The sport used to be iconic of America in the 50s and 60s. It was the blue collar sport, that every man and family could play after work and on the weekend. It was some good, clean, American fun. I love the game, and am sad it's not as big a part of our lives as it used to be. Oh well, nostalgia.

For the FREE GAME, you just need to find a participating location and print out the coupon. So easy! Find out more information HERE.