Thursday, October 20, 2011

How BACK TO THE FUTURE Should Have Ended

Someone had the genius idea to mash up the worlds of BACK TO THE FUTURE and STAR WARS! I can't get over how awesome this would have been in the movie! Check out how BACK TO THE FUTURE should have ended after the break:

The Small Screen Podcast: Episode 7 (PSYCH, We love THE VAMPIRE DIARIES)

This week we round up the major TV pick-ups and cancellations, and dive into USA's Psych and The CW's The Vampire Diaries. Like what you hear? Be sure you follow us on twitter: @kristal_bailey and @poppas2cents. We'd love to hear your feedback!

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Intros: Start - 1:15

TV News: 1:16 - 14:01
New Show Renewals (SPOILER ALERT)
The CW’s success with Ringer, The Secret Circle, & Hart of Dixie 1:16 - 7:53
Suburgatory 7:54 - 8:57
Revenge 8:58 - 11:23
Cancelled: Charlie’s Angels 11:24 - 14:01

What We’ve Been Watching: 14:02 - 34:50
Psych (the new USA network flagship show?): 14:02 - 25:54
The Vampire Diaries (MAJOR deaths, the dueling mediums, and more): 25:55 - 34:50

Podcast Feedback:
How is The Walking Dead similar to LOST? 34:51 - 44:46

What We’re Looking Forward To:
Once Upon a Time: 44:47 - 45:43
Supernatural’s Buffy/Angel Reunion: 45:44 - Closing