Sunday, April 11, 2010

Barbie Gets Her Geek On

I missed the viral campaigning for this, probably because I don't focus on computer engineering/technician blogs in my time online, but I'm so glad to see Barbie becoming a more modern woman. I remember playing with Barbie as a little girl. I would cut her hair and have her be a mom or a teacher, very traditionally female roles. While she's just a toy, this is still a step forward in feminism and getting young girls into male dominated professions like computer science jobs.

For more information about the vote and Barbie's previous professions, read the original Wall Street Journal article.

SNL Highlights: Tina Fey

Tina Fey was back on SNL last night to promote her latest movie "Date Night," which just opened this weekend. As an SNL vet, she turned in a solid performance, which is to be expected. Check out some of my favorite moments from the episode below.

Opening Monologue

I loved that Justin Bieber was one of the babies in Baby Mama. Also, damn does Tina Fey have boobs in that dress! Great cameos by Mark Sanchez (as her husband!) and Steve Martin.

Brownie Husband

The Masters

The best quotes: "If Asians and Indians can complete with Black People, it's not a sport."
"Let's take a look at the hole with our aerial camera." "That's what Tiger said!"

Justin Bieber is Hot for Teacher

This was my favorite skit of the night. I'm not a big fan of Justin Bieber (especially compared to his twitter army), but he was great in this.

Weekend Update: Women's News

Some other skits I enjoyed were the Sarah Palin Network (I would totally watch "Fat Cats") and Al Roker's Ruff, Rugged, and Roker. I didn't like that skit at first, but once he halts the party to do the morning weather, it all came together. 

What did you think of last night's episode of Saturday Night Live?

Pilot: No Ordinary Family

One of the new shows slated for fall that I'm most interested in is "No Ordinary Family" on ABC. What can I say? I'm a sucker for superheroes. The show is about your average American family, but with one hitch - they all develop superpowers.

Normally, this would not be enough to get me interested, but it's written by Greg Berlanti. He created "Everwood," one my favorite WB shows. That show provided such a balanced and emotionally resonant look at a family and common teen problems that still holds up today. So many shows don't know how to handle the teen storyline in an adult show - just look at "V" and how they handle Tyler - that when it's done well it truly stands out.

For more information on the show, check out this interview with Marc Guggenheim, Executive Producer of "No Ordinary Family."