Thursday, May 19, 2011

ABDC Season 6: Nicki Minaj Challenge

As a big fan of Nicki Minaj, I have high hopes for this week! They'll also finally do a group performance. I wish they would do these more often, instead of just the first week and the Top 4.

Group Performance
Nicki Minah Song: Massive Attack
Great group number that let every crew shine! I especially loved that Iconic Boyz were hidden behind the shrubs in the beginning and then when they came out, tried to grab Oliva from IaMmE, but she slipped through their fingers.

The final four crews come from across the country, from LA to New Jersey, and Boston to Houston. I was mistaken last week in saying the West was out of the running; I don't know why I thought Street Kingdom was from either the South or the East? Oh well, just wanted to correct what I said last week. The West could still hold on to their reign, if Street Kingdom hangs on until the end.

TV Upfronts: "The Secret Circle" may bewitch me

Huge surprise this year: The CW may have and the best slate of new shows out of all the networks. While they didn't pick up the most shows (I believe that goes to ABC with 13 new shows) all their scripted drama pick-ups seem right up my alley. I'll be doing a series of TV Uprfronts posts now that they've wrapped up in NYC, so stay tuned for more!

The Secret Circle will air after The Vampire Diaries, and makes for a perfect time slot companion. Both are based on books by young adult novelist L.J. Smith and created by Executive Producer Kevin Williamson (also known for Dawson's Creek and the SCREAM franchise).

Read the full show synopsis and catch a few clips after the break.