Thursday, May 19, 2011

ABDC Season 6: Nicki Minaj Challenge

As a big fan of Nicki Minaj, I have high hopes for this week! They'll also finally do a group performance. I wish they would do these more often, instead of just the first week and the Top 4.

Group Performance
Nicki Minah Song: Massive Attack
Great group number that let every crew shine! I especially loved that Iconic Boyz were hidden behind the shrubs in the beginning and then when they came out, tried to grab Oliva from IaMmE, but she slipped through their fingers.

The final four crews come from across the country, from LA to New Jersey, and Boston to Houston. I was mistaken last week in saying the West was out of the running; I don't know why I thought Street Kingdom was from either the South or the East? Oh well, just wanted to correct what I said last week. The West could still hold on to their reign, if Street Kingdom hangs on until the end.

Between IaMmE and Street Kingdom, IaMmE is safe! Excellent voting America!

Crew: IaMmE
Nicki Minaj Song: Moment For Life featuring Drake
Background: They have to recreate a childhood game with their routine, to represent her "Cookie" character.
Routine: Limbo, Hopscotch, Swing Set, did I miss any other childhood games they incorporated? JC loved the Limbo to Jump Rope move they pulled off, because if one things go wrong the whole routine falls apart. His only complaint was that he could see them thinking and anticipating where they needed to be. D-Trix was trying to look of mistakes and didn't see anything! He loved that all of their moments were challenges, pointing out the Leap Frog and Whack-a-mole which I didn't even notice. They did a fantastic routine that you would expect from them, and you can't even tell that Philip was on the verge of passing out! What a trooper!

Between Iconic Boyz and Phunk Phenomenon, I am SO UPSET THAT ICONIC BOYZ ARE IN THE FINAL THREE. Phunk Phenomenon and Street Kingdom deserve to be in this competition longer!

Crew: Iconic Boyz
Nicki Minaj Song: Check it Out with Will.I.Am
Background: They have to use like living dolls, like marionettes, in honor of her harijuku girl doll character. They didn't even know what marionnettes were before this week, so this could be hard for them.
Routine: They did do a great job with the marionette movements, I especially enjoyed the ventriloquist moment. D-Trix loved that they had all the elements - stunts, choreography, humor - and are growing so much on this show. Lil Mama loved the duets going on during the performance and how they use the entire space of the stage. She also loved that they created  a "transviloquist" on stage, whatever that is. JC finally brought them down from cloud 9 a bit, saying that "it wasn't their greatest performance, but it was good." I feel like they're getting coddled a little here....

Bottom Two

Crew: Phunk Phenomenon
Nicki Minaj Song: My Chick Bad with Ludacris
Background: Because she's part Indian, they have to incorporate some belly dancing, belly rolls type moves.
Routine: The routine was pretty solid, especially that ending! D-Trix gave Bebo some belly dancing tips that were prettttyyy sensual. That right there, was my favorite moment of this episode. His face and his movements were hilarious! Lil Mama loved that "they gave a little bit of belly rolls but kept it funk and brought it home." JC thought they encompassed Nicki Minaj well in the routine, but also pointed out the big slip up when Bebo fell in the back. I really hope they stay! Street Kingdom may be loved by the judges, but they've been in the bottom two so many times that there has to be a time when they just realize America doesn't like them and cut them loose.

Crew: Street Kingdom
Nicki Minaj Song: I Did It All
Background: They get yet another military/fighting type of challenge. They say this will be hard because the military is precise, but this fits right in to their hard hitting movements. Their challenges have been pretty well within their comfort zone, so far.
Routine: Lil Mama loves their faith and thought they "broke out" today. JC thought they started too slowly and basically wasted that time. He did love the airplane move, though. D-Trix took a moment to congratulate them for their growth on the show, which sounded a lot like they are going home this week. After being in the bottom two so many times and surviving, I think they've finally used up all their chances and are going home.

In the end, the judges picked PHUNK PHENOMENON and I am so pleased! Street Kingdom did grow a lot and had a couple great routines, but it's their time to go. The crews' final words include that "Tight-Eyez and Street Kingdom created Krump in the godly way." I definitely agree with them that if you say you can do all hip-hop styles, you need to be able to Krump.


3. Iconic Boyz
2. Phunk Phenomenon
1. IaMmE

Seriously, I'd be happy with either Phunk Phenomenon or IaMmE winning this, but Iconic Boyz have long overstayed their welcome. I feel that as long as America doesn't vote them to safety, they would go home over either of the other two. Tune in next week when the Top 3 take on Kanye West!

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