Friday, February 5, 2010

Lost: Side-By-Side Comparison

Do you see all the slight differences between the pilot and the season premiere?

In other Lost news, Newsweek did a brief piece on Lost through the eyes of non-Lost watchers. There's just no way to sum up who these characters are and what they've been through these past 5 seasons easily and succintly enough to fit within the commercial breaks.

Banned Commercials

Hilarious. I don't see why the BC one was banned though. Oh well, thank goodness for the internet.

Linkulous: The CW, Lost Fans, and more

This week has been particularly busy, so I didn't get much reading in. Hope you guys enjoy these articles! And be sure to check back over the weekend, I've got a few posts in mind (superbowl commercial write up? movie reviews? who knows!)

How The CW Stays Undead - the little network that could. And no surprise, is doing better than NBC.

PBS Show Scrutinizes our 'Digital Nation'

Surprised fan reaction to leaked "LOST" premiere - Lost fans truly are one-of-a-kind. I definitely avoided all the "leaked" videos and even official promos before the premiere aired.

Lost Premiere - don't want to say anything about the premiere, but this was a great write up!

Man vs. Food Guy Talks About Post-Food Challenge Challenges

The New 'Alice' says this 'Wonderland' is more like a sequel than a remake

(500) Days of Summer, Bright Star, Where The Wild Things Are: What Went Wrong?
- good reasoning behind why these movies were left out of the oscar race.