Friday, April 2, 2010

Ben Folds' Last Ode to Merton

Linkulous: Facebook, Browncoats, and a chat with Piano Imrpov's Merton

ABC Starts Live-Tweeting This Week; Will Other Networks Follow?
- I love this idea for news broadcasts. What better way to get up to the minute information?

The Most Influential Brands of 2090 - that is not a typo. A funny article about the brands of 2090 and how they got there from their humble roots in 2010.

Is animation developing a success-quality gap?  

Cable TV's powerhouse women flip the script on gender roles 

Facebook Summarized in a Single Picture 

How to tell Browncoats from Trekkies and Star Wars Fans 

Chatroulette Piano Improv's Merton on Youtube Takedowns, Ben Folds, and What's Under the Hoodie

Lady Gaga Covered

Happy Friday! Below are a few of my favorite Lady Gaga fan videos to help you kick start the weekend: