Sunday, August 9, 2009

America's Best Dance Crew: Sudden Death

Hey guys, America's Best Dance Crew (the 2nd best dance show!) just started this week and here's KT and I with our take on the episode!

The video cut out about half way through our thoughts, so here are some other things we noticed:

Rhythm City, The Bronx - That was awesome! Clean, exciting, and fun. That series of backflips was insane.

Fr3sh, Jersey - Man, Asians can dance. That was a "harder" routine than I was expecting. I pegged them to be a clean, smooth crew more in line with Kabba Modern and So Real Cru. The prop was distracting, though created some cool visuals.

Vogue Evolution, NYC - the first openly gay crew on the show. That was fierce routine. It'll be interesting to see if they can get votes from America, since they are such a fringe group.

Sudden Death to "Boom Boom Pow"
Beat Ya Feet Kings - This is so much better than their first routine!
If they take into account the first dance, then Beat Ya Feet has got to go. But off just the Sudden Death, I'd say Fr3sh would be going.
Surprised ByFK were the first to be saved, since Southern Movement had the strongest pair of dances.

Goodbye Fr3sh, it was fun while it lasted. It's a sad story for the girl with a mohawk though, since this was her last ditch effort at the professional dance route.

I'm thinking Massive Monkees are definitely making it to the final two. The other crew is a toss up for me between Rhythm City and Southern Movement. I think SM could make it that far if they can win over mainstream America.
KT thinks the final two will be Massive Monkees and Rhythm City for sure.

Who do you guys think could make it all the way? What crews were your favorite based on tonight's show?