Thursday, February 25, 2010

ABDC: Music Video Challenge

This week the crews have blend their style with a stand out dance movie from a music video chosen at random.

No surprise, Poreotix is one of the first crews through! I hope they learn how to bring diversity and variety into their routine.

Umbrella by Rihanna
The peel off was the standout move from that routine. I liked it overall, but it wasn't as in sync as last week and I think the "bigger moves" approach wasn't to their benefit.

Jungle Boogie
She-Wolf by Sharika
Their move that they had to incorporate was so much more intense and difficult than what Poreotix had to do! They did an amazing job with intricate hand claps and stomps. I loved how they had the main girl on another level for her solo. The move where the guy ran up the backs and howled was a nice moment as well. Great energy that was very smooth and together.

Static Noyze
New in Town by Little boots
I've never heard of this song before. I'm also surprised they'll have such big props. The props really fit in well with their theatrics. They had a great performance, very much like a video according to JC. I can understand that, especially since they consider themselves a performance arts hip hop crew.

Shake it by Metro Station
A mistake or two were bound to happen when timing is so crucial to their routine. Besides their two mistakes, they had an amazing routine. The front handsprings that JC pointed out were amazing. I loved the beginning jumps as well.

Heavy Impact
Whatcha Got by Colby
I get the appeal of this crew, but I don't personally feel it. That said, these guys can dance and pull out the flip stunts. The popping challenge proved too much for most of the members and fell flat for me. Especially when compared to the popping of the other crews.

Hype 5-0
3 by Britney Spears
I am very surprised to see them safe over Blue Print Crew! That was a much better routine than last week! This is the crew I predicted could make it to the final three! They had energy and sex appeal. I loved that the guys became the pole for the ladies. The last girl-girl kiss was definitely a pull for votes, but I loved the ending pose just before the kiss better.

Bottom Two:

Royal Flush
Evacuate the Dance Floor by Cascada
I liked how the guy was the one to "shake that thing". Great jump spin thing. They used the whole stage really well.

Blue Print Crew
I Get It In by Omarion
It's got to be a conflict of interest in having a song by one of hte judges, right? This was not their best routine, but I hope they stay over Royal Flush. I think they are the better dance crew, but just had an off night and a harder song to get the energy pumping. You could tell that the back two girls couldn't hold the head stand, but everything else was on point.

Royal Flush is heading home! Based on the performances tonight alone, I would have said Blue Print Crew would have stayed. But, overall BPC is the better dance crew when it comes to precision and overall capabilities.


I think next week's bottom two will be Heavy Impact and then a toss up between Static Noyze and Saltare. I don't know if their mistakes will cause people to not care about their gimmick or if it'll drive people to vote for them more because they like them. I also think Poreotix have an outside chance of making it into the bottom. I'm sure they have the fans, but their routine was really weak, especially the challenge part.

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