Thursday, January 28, 2010

ABDC: South Regional Crews

America's Best Dance Crew is back! It's got a new format, a new judge, and I'm really digging it. Omarion was a good judge, but I definitely need to see more to see if he can live up to Shane Sparks' level of excitement and level handed criticism. So let's see what the South had to offer:

Jungle Boogie - Cranking
Stone Mountain, GA
Bounce by Busta Rhymes
I loved the full body snake type motion, but it did get clumsy towards the end. The floor bounce in the beginning was a great opening move. They had great energy and I loved the ending. i still don't quite get what cranking is, but I really enjoyed their performance.

Ghost - Smooth
Houston, TX
Android Porn by Crady
Very creepy with the smooth moves and the contacts. They did a great fan type motion. I agree with JC that it was a dramatic performance, but slow at times.

X-Treme Motion - Bucking
Houston, TX
Wow, those outfits...
They were very high energy, but it seemed a bit frantic at times. I could definitely see their dance team background.

Swagger Crew
Atlanta, GA
Ice Cream Paint Job
There was a really poor camera angle on a cool trick. The beginning of the routine didn't engross me, but they killed it after it went into the Ice Cream Paint Job song. The random white girl was really good! Loved the ending gag. Overall, the best routine of the night.

Royal Flush
Atlanta, GA
Wasted by Plies
The tricks were awesome! The back flips straight into the forward flip, the double person forward filp (flying flush), the 360 around flip - all very memorable moments. However, the dancing was just alright; their choreography definitely needs work.

Swagger Crew and Jungle Boogie make it through to the finals! Swaggar Crew was definitely the best. I thought Ghost and Jungle Boogie were both up there, but Jungle Boogie definitely had more presence and energy.

Sudden Death to Outta Control by Pit Bull
I love the fast pace of Sudden Death - very exciting and fluid instead of stopping and going to give each crew a whole dance. I liked this format last season too. Royal Flush's tricks were stand outs, but again their choreography leaves something to be desired. I hope they learn to step it up a notch now that they've made it through.

I'm definitely looking forward to this season, the crews we've seen so far are great! I hope the East is just as strong.

Hitler Responds to the iPad

Could Mega Shark Take Down a Plane?

Did you guys watch Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus? You should have! There's some great destruction, with the best being when Mega Shark jumps out of the ocean to take down a plane! I know it seems crazy, but is it possible? Check out this graphic about it:

[via @SyFy]
[for the larger image:]