Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Rundown Drinking Game

I love a good movie drinking game. You get to watch a fun movie, hang out with friends, and make a game of it so it's not just idly sipping your drink. Last week, my friends and I wanted to watch The Rundown, a highly underrated action film, but couldn't find a drinking game for it. So we made our own! I really recommend the movie, so check it out if you can and enjoy a few beers in the process!

Take a sip when:
There's a cameo (athlete, notable actor, govenator, etc)
They show a gun
Say "gatto"
There are wrestling moves
The Rock is awesome and Sean William Scott acts like an idiot
Walken is being clever
There are explosions
Cows show up
They use whips
When there's slow motion

Chug When:
The Rock shoots a gun
Sean William Scott does his "thunder and lightening" move

Finish Your Drink When:
Bagpipes show up

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