Thursday, August 6, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Finale!

And tonight concludes another awesome season of So You Think You Can Dance! While this season didn't live up to season 4, it was a fun ride that didn't let me down in the end.

Starting on Sunday, we're going to be doing these video
reviews for America's Best Dance Crew, our other favorite
dancing show. Hope you guys enjoyed!

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 4

Alright guys, I'm live blogging while I watch So You Think You Can Dance online. I missed the show last night and for some reason it didn't record on my DVR.

The stage is AMAZING! The intros are all really good, but you can tell even by the intro that Evan isn't at the same level as Brandon.

I love Adam Shankman as a judge! He's always so positive, but knows how to mix in the criticism.

Final 4 Wade Routine: Love the song! Was that the most mainstream Wade dance we've ever seen? I like his quirky routines a lot more though.

The promo for Season 6 was amazing! I'm so excited that I don't have to wait a whole year for the show to return.

Jeanine/Evan Sonya routine: I liked the story behind the dance, but I feel like something was missing. Ade maybe? Jeanine always shines through in her dances and this is no exception. I'm hoping she beats out Evan! She's my favorite dancer out of the top 4.

Aw, Brandon's video makes me miss Janette so much. She was so great and definitely belonged in this finale. But then again, Kayla and Jeanine belong here too. The top 4 girls were just so strong!

Brandon's solo: WOW. I love his epic music choice. He can do things with his body that most people never even dreamed of, it's just insane.

Brandon/Kayla Tyce Routine: I know they say this every week, but Kayla's lines are beautiful! I really enjoyed that, it was broadway but with an edge. The flip Brandon did where he landed in a seated split, unreal! The flip he carried Kayla in to, unreal!

Jeanine's video: I may have just fallen even more in love with her. I loved her story about the Russian folk dance.

Jeanine's solo: I loved the tango theme and how she kept the rose in her mouth the whole time. She had some great turns/pirouettes. Again, I love Adam Shankman as a judge! He has such enthusiasm without screaming (ahem, Mary).

Evan/Brandon Loriane Pop Jazz Routine: Evan cannot pull off these attitude dances. He just can't do it. Evan seemed to be lost/behind at parts, while Brandon hit every move with such power.

Kayla/Jeanine Mia Michael's Contemporary Routine: I loved the layers metaphor. I feel they really lived up to the music, as Mia stated they needed to. I agree with Nigel that I could have watched that for even longer.

Evan's video was cute, just like him. I hadn't realized he was the only Broadway dancer to make it onto the show. His solo was full of lots of flips, which made it more interesting than his previous solos. Solid, I guess, but I still think he's a weaker dancer than the other 3. I'm glad Nigel said that he hasn't grown enough, it's true and America needs to realize that while he has personality and is a good dancer, he's not a GREAT dancer and shouldn't be America's favorite.

Evan/Kayla Jive Routine: I liked the country jive they had going, and loved seeing Kayla dance in cowboy boots! That was just a fun dance. I agree with Adam, that didn't seem to be a "finale" dance. It was just fun, not really epic enough. Wow an "Evan" chant? Are you kidding me?! Ugh, he's going to win this thing, isn't he?

Kayla's video and solo: I love her grandparents! She has had such amazing routines and reviews this season. I feel like she may be more talented than Jeanine, but she doesn't bring the same personality and emotion as Jeanine has. Nigel brought up that if Kayla had shown as much personality all season as she had in that last Jive, then she'd be walking home with it all and I have to agree. She always left the viewers cold after dances even though she's an amazing dancer. I think she's finally learned how to show her personality through her technical skill.

Brandon/Jeanine Paso Doble: OMG BEST DANCE OF THE NIGHT. It was so epic and dramatic and INTENSE. These are my 2 favorite dancers and they pulled out all the stops on this one. The move where she jumped into the splits and then slid onto the floor was crazy. Oh goodness, Nigel's comments are a bit too pervy now. Entertaining, but would definitely make Jeanine a bit uncomfortable.

Best dances of the night were the Paso Doble and Tyce's Broadway.
Best dancers: Brandon and Jeanine, the same way its been all season.

4th: Kayla
3rd: Brandon
2nd: Jeanine
1st: Evan

only because Evan is hugely popular.

My Dream Results:
4th: Evan
3rd: Kayla
2nd: Brandon
1st: Jeanine

What do you guys think?

The Future is Today

XBOX360 and Microsoft debuted Project Natal at E3, the gamers equivalent to Comic Con. It got rave reviews and sounds amazing! Check out this clip to see it in action. I hope it works this well in real life and not just in the commercial. It's almost enough to make me want to get an XBOX360, even though the Wii owns my heart.

Brave New

One of my favorite future dystopia books is Brave New World. I always enjoyed this book better than 1984, since I thought it was way more plausible. In Brave New World, the masses become obedient to the abuses of their government because of drug use and media consumption that makes it impossible for them to think for themselves. Whereas in 1984, the masses are controlled with an iron fist by the administration. Which do you think sounds more plausible?

I bring this up because some headway is finally being made on the Brave New World feature! Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio have signed on to produce, and maybe direct and act accordingly. I'm a big fan of both these guys, so I hope things stay on track for the film. The script is just starting to get written, so it will be a while before any real headway is made, but just the fact that the deals are in place bodes well for the film! I hope things can stay together, because I am really looking forward to this.

(Info and picture from Risky Biz Blog)

RIP John Hughes

Today we lost a movie great. John Hughes, who was a writer/director of some of the best teens movies passed away from a heart attack on his morning walk. He brought us such classics as 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. And those are just the films he directed! He wrote those and so many other greats like Pretty in Pink, Home Alone, and wrote the recent funny movie Drillbit Taylor.

He left his mark on many of our lives, I know I grew up watching his 80s teen classics, even though I was born a few years too late to enjoy them in theaters.

RIP John Hughes.

My favorite John Hughes scene is in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, when the guys can't find Ferris and then he suddenly shows up in parade in the middle of the city singing Danke Shen. Hilarious!

Bueller Parade Scene!

Share your favorite John Hughs films, and movie moments in the comments.