Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Movie Already?!

The guy behind Alice in Wonderland and the guy behind Wanted are teaming up to adapt Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the new book that suggests the 16th president of the United States also slew bloodsuckers on the side.

Directors Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov will produce the movie, based on Seth Grahame-Smith's novel, which hit bookstores today

More info at Sci Fi Wire

Well, I'm sold. The trailer for the book was good enough to get me interested in a movie. Attaching Tim Burton and timur Bekmambetov is just icing on the cake.

Alice in Wonderland Song

Weekend Movies

This weekend was pretty busy between work and all the movies I crammed in. Below are some of my thoughts on the films I saw this weekend.

The Ghost Writer
I had really high expectations for this film, given the strong reviews, high caliber of attached cast and crew, and it's recent award of Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. It was a decent send up to Hitchcockian cinema, but there were too many moments that took me out of the movie. I am baffled by the casting of Kim Cattrall. Well, more accurately, her horrible accent. If you are going to have a cast full of native UK/English Accents, don't have a mediocre fake mixed among them. The character could have totally been American and it would have made the movie just that much better.

The ending is where it really lost me though. I don't want to give it away here, but suffice it to say that I felt that it cheapened the entire suspense and drama that had been built up throughout the film. The revelation itself was great, but the way it was revealed/hidden all along was just cheap and easy.

This was a movie that had all the great parts. It looked great, had some great actors, had an interesting storyline. But somehow, along the way, it all fell apart.

The Secret of the Kells
I caught a free screening of this at USC knowing nothing about it except for it's nomination for Best Animated Feature in The Academy Awards. It was a very pleasant surprise. It has layers and history that I am not at all familiar with, but I enjoyed it regardless. You can enjoy it's simple, concise story with beautiful imagery and animation without knowing the Irish symbolism and history that this movie is steeped in. To learn more about the history and Christianity behind this movie, read Ebert's review of the film. Overall, I feel it is very deserving of its Oscar nomination. One animated film every year has to be an out-of-the-norm animated feature, like Persepolis in years past.

Cop Out
Kevin Smith's latest movie doesn't feel like a Kevin Smith movie at all. There are hints that he is behind the wheel, particularly the moment where Bruce Willis draws a penis in the fog on the window. But, this seems like a Tracy Morgan vehicle more than anything else. He is the stand out in this film and if you don't like his humor, then you definitely won't enjoy this movie. I thought it was enjoyable and funny enough, but I won't be buying it on DVD like I did with past Kevin Smith movies. This just doesn't have that repeat viewing appeal to me.

Overall, my favorite film of the weekend was The Secret of Kells. Great, concise storytelling that works on whatever level you decide to watch the film.

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