Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Got to “Party Down” with “Tig Has Friends”

This week I went with a few friends to The Largo to see the comedy show “Tig has Friends” with the cast of Party Down.

I just recently got into the show thanks to it being available on Netflix Watch Instantly. By the way, Netflix and Hulu may be the best inventions of the 21st Century.

The comedy show was a hilarious! I had never heard of Tig Notaro before, but apparently she was a regular on The Sarah Silverman Show as well as In The Motherhood (never heard of that show either). She opened up with a hilarious story about her and her frequent run-ins with 80s pop star Taylor Dane. Then the cast of Party Down came out to show their hidden talents. Megan and Adam did a terrible reading of an excerpt from a Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys. Martin Starr rapped with Common Rotation and then Megan and Martin did a great rendition of “Put it in my Mouth.”

They did a Q&A session and while the questions weren’t memorable, the cast found a way to make it hilarious. It was a great night and I would definitely be interested to see the show again. Tig does a monthly show at The Lagro called “Tig Has Friends.”

For more info on Tig, check out this article from LA Weekly: MAKE US LAUGH, FUNNY GIRL!

The show Party Down is a hilarious take on the struggling actors lifestyle. It follows the Party Down catering team at various “glamorous” Los Angeles parties while discussing auditions, whos-who, and trying to make it in the biz. While Entourage covers the industry from the agent and successful actor angle, this is a much more “everyman” type of story. Its hilariously scenarios and one-liners make it a great way to pass 30 minutes.

With seasons of only 13 episodes, this is one show you can easily catch up with during the slow television season of summer. As one of the nominees for the TCA Best Comedy Award, it’s definitely worth your time.

Kristen Bell is back this week, reprising her role as Uda from Valhalla Catering. Check out this preview:

Party Down airs on Starz (or find it on Netflix Watch Instantly!) every Friday at 10 pm EST/PST.

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