Monday, March 14, 2011

BONUS Music Monday: Friday by Rebecca Black

I can't believe this is real. How is this NOT a parody about the declining complexity and depth in today's Pop Music lyrics? I know it's horrible, but try to tough it out until the bridge, where it literally just tells you the order of the days in the weekend. It's so horrible, I have to laugh to keep from crying.

SNL Highlight: Canadian Scoop

As an entertainment news junkie, this skit cracked me up!

SNL Highlight: Digital Short Zach Looks for a New Assistant

Music Monday: Bite Back by Zowie

The big music/film/interactive convention SXSW is going on RIGHT NOW and I wish I was there sooo hard right now. But, wishes can't become reality over night, so maybe next year I'll be lucky enough to attend. To help ease the pain, I've been following along on Twitter and watching YouTube videos of showcase artists. While I saw Zowie a few months ago for The Audio Perv, she's been doing more shows in America and getting her name out there. Now she's got a new track, Bite Back, that's blowing up on the live circuit. Give it a listen below:

SNL Highlight: Zach Galiafinakis Opening Monologue

This weekend was super busy, so sorry for the delay, but you NEED to see this opening monologue from this weekend's SNL host Zach Galiafinakis.

The above version doesn't have the best part because of lame copyright or digital distribution laws. WEAKSAUCE. Here's the unedited version, watch it for as long as it lasts: