Thursday, March 18, 2010

ABDC: Usher Challenge

This week the crews have to incorporate Usher's smooth moves and footwork into their own personal style.

We're back to the routine now that the voting snafu has been sorted out and two teams went home last week. The first crew to be in the bottom is... Blue Print Cru. I am VERY surprised that they didn't get the votes to stay safe. In my opinion, they're the strongest crew on the show. 

Jungle Boogie
Make Love in this Club with hot glides
 I liked their transition where they moved as a line across the stage and progressively spread themselves out (as Omarion called it the Shadow Mirror). I also loved when the guy blew the kiss and Rocky was dragged across the floor and the other guys did back flips as she passed. It definitely had some great moments, and was my favorite of their routines, but it didn't have as much punch as it needed for me to vote for them this week.

Yeah with "Take that Rewind It Back" reverse moves.
I love that their routines always make me laugh. They have such a great sense of humor and storytelling within just a few minutes of dancing. The rewind move was pretty sweet and I loved the low flip over the guy at the end. Definitely agree with JC: they're branching out of just isolations and popping and diversifying their choreography.
(Loved the audience member's response to Omarion's negative comments: "WHAAAT?" in Lil' John's voice.)

Hype 5-0
You Don't Have to Call with Heely shoes on
I think they got the hardest challenge because it affected every aspect of their routine. That was very smooth and it was interesting to see them rolling on the stage mixed in with the dancing. The double back flip into the heely roll forward was great.

My favorite Lil' Mama quote of the night: "They were just swaggerific." And even though it's not a word, I have to agree with her.

Sudden Death: 
Blue Print Cru
Daddy's Home with a freaky hand section highlighting a member of the crew
The handstand was the highlight of that routine. The pulled off the hand challenge fairly well, but you could definitely feel that they were outside of their comfort zone.

Caught Up with a Street Fight
"Oh I didn't know what jump rope was but now it's so cool" - sorry, but who doesn't know what jump roping is? Isn't it a part of every elementary school in the country?   I'm interested to see how Usher's smooth moves fit into jump roping. That was definitely my favorite routine of theirs! It benefited from having more non-jump roping moments than usual.

I honestly don't know who the judges are sending home: Saltare had the better routine, but BPC is the stronger crew overall.

So long Saltare! While their routine was amazing, I definitely agree with the judges on this one. BPC has had nearly flawless routines week in and week out.

It's getting harder to narrow down the field since all the crews are pretty strong. But, two teams have to be in the bottom and I'm going to go with Jungle Boogie and Blue Print Cru. Not because they had the worst routines, since they were all solid, but because Poreotix has such a strong fan following. Hype 5-0 had the hardest challenge and apparently have a really strong fan following too, based on the comments on my last blog entry.

Who do you guys think will be in the bottom next week?

"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" Blog Hunt

Lisbeth Salander is a brilliant hacker and investigator. Are you as smart as Lisbeth?

Music Box Films has launched a clue-based scavenger blog hunt on the web. Top bloggers have published articles about the film with an embedded clue leading readers to the next site in the Hunt. Readers can follow these clues for prizes including the Barnes & Noble NOOK, free film tickets, books, soundtracks and posters. The hunt begins on the movie's official website.

First Clue: Ink is permanent, but is the art of tattooing vanishing? Vince Hemingson went on a global odyssey in search of the last authentic tattoos.

Have no idea what I'm talking about? Watch the trailer below:

I'm very interested to see the movie and how the blog hunt rolls out.

My Mom's on Facebook

These facebook laments are hilarious. While my mom isn't actually on Facebook, my dad is. I totally get the worries about what you post and who is seeing it. That's why I have privacy settings set up though. If you don't, you should really look into it.

For Flight of the Conchords Fans

Murray almost makes me want to buy an HP. If only I wasn't totally dependent on all my Apple products, ha!