Friday, October 8, 2010

The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

I'm still working on which format is best for these Vampire Diaries recaps. Tonight, we take a look at each character and how they made their way through this week.

One Year Ago - Mason's bar trip didn't turn out exactly as planned. He got a stalker who's ready to pick a fight over a chick named Marla and he's ready to trade blows til the end. One fateful blow to the head and he's gone. While it was unintentional, it was enough to trigger the curse. Apparently, even an accidental car wreck fatality will set it off. There's no loop hole, if any death is because of you, you've triggered it. However, even after revealing the truth of his origin, he won't explain the significance of the Moonstoone. Stefan tries to keep the peace between Mason and Damon, but it doesn't seem like anything will appease Mason after the stabbing that Damon delivered last week. He's playing peacekeeper and making promises that Damon might not be able to live up to. But, Mason isn't ready to play nice, he tries to show the council the truth but Damon has made such a strong impression and cemented her trust that she refuses to believe.

He finally convinces Caroline's mother of the vampirism with some help from Vervain spiked water, he leaves it to her do the dirty work. While Mason believes everything went according to plan with the Salvatore brothers, Tyler comes to him to tell him about the girl he nearly killed. Tyler doesn't want any part of it and finally hands over the moonstone. I'm excited to see what exactly this means and how the moonstone affects Mason as a werewolf. 

In the end, we realize that Mason has been a pawn of Katherine's from the beginning. She's the one who planted the idea in his friend's head that he got with his girl, which set off the fight that ended in murder. She was looking for the moonstone this entire time!

Damon is dealing with Mason thanks to last week's confrontation. He's not one to easily forgive and is ready to put Mason down for the count.

After being cornered and nearly killed by Caroline's mom, he works out a deal to keep everyone alive and well. This is the Damon that can sustain a friendship with Elena and is a normal human being, or well, as normal as can be. 

Stefan & Elena

Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena are still putting up a front about slowly moving apart. They come up with a code where even though it sounds like fighting words, it means "I love you."  Stefan's worried that Kathrine will get jealous enough to hurt Elena, but she's not willing to give up for her safety. She thought they were stronger than that, stronger than Katherine's manipulation. She's voicing her concerns to Caroline, partly as a front, but partly as packaging her actual concerns in a way to get Katherine riled up.

After the battle with the sheriff, Stefan realizes that he needs to be stronger if he's going to be a contender in this fight with the town and Katherine. She was able to build up a tolerance to Vervain, so he's going to try to build up a tolerance to human blood so he doesn't become drunk off it. However, this sparks an argument with Elena that they both aren't sure if it's for show or for real. Trying to lead a double life because of Katherine is proving to put a strain on their relationship, when they started this in order to stop her from pulling them apart.

Elena finally understands what he's trying to do by building up a tolerance to human blood, and offers up her blood to him. She gives herself fully to him with this act, more so than even sex or saying "I love you" ever could. She's putting her life in his hands.


Caroline's trying to come across as the normal daughter, but with her mother becoming more involved it's going to be more and more difficult. Just as she's about to admit to Elena her ulterior motives, she sees her mother being shifty - working to get Damon, newly exposed as a vampire, out of her town. Caroline uses her super senses to discover the murder plot and Mason reveals himself as the instigator. While he tried to use Elena as a human shield, she's faster than he thinks and she is able to free her and get some great punches in in the mean time.

The sheriff has the Salvatore brothers vulnerable and ready to die, just when Elena bursts in to save them. Caroline refuses to help at first, in fear that her mother will find out what she is. But soon, she realizes that some things are more important and she bursts in, kills the deputy and with her blood soaked mouth stops to say "Hi Mom."

Despite wanting to save her mom by having her play along, her mother doesn't seem to be on the same page. Luckily, Damon's friendship with her mom saves her life.  After seeing Caroline as her vampire self, she can't accept the change in her and sees her as dead already. Caroline no longer as a home, no longer has a boyfriend, and no longer has Bonnie as a best friend. She finally comes clean about Katherine - how she threatened to go after Matt if she didn't spy on Elena, and now she and Elena can be honest with each other once again.


Jeremy is considered "damaged goods' by the local hotties. But they're totally ready to heal his wounds with a few quick condolences and empathic looks. His sketch journal comes out in front of them and Tyler becomes uncomfortable, knowing the wolves are related to him and his family. Once he gets him alone, he nearly strangles him searching for the truth. Jeremy knows the truth about the Lockwood clan and I don't know if Tyler is going to be able to deal with it. Jeremy reveals his family diaries, where they talk briefly about werewolves and how it connects to the timeline of the Lockwood family's returns.

The girls in question nearly become the trigger for Tyler and now I'm going to be watching out for any sort of accident that may befall them!

Next week, we see what happens now that Mason and Katherine have the Moonstone and Katherine and Elena have another chat. I can't wait! This episode was INSANE and it's only going to get better as we get closer to November sweeps.

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