Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fight Club for the Geriatric Club

Fight Club Performance at the Nursing Home - Watch more Funny Videos

Just a funny video to help you get through your Tuesday :)

Wheel of Fortune Wunderkind

As far as game show moments go, this is pretty amazing! I mean, how did she get that saying with only ONE letter? Who does that?!

What's the Story, Morning Glory?

Am I the only one excited for this rom-com from JJ Abrahms' Bad Robot? I think Rachel McAdams is one of the most underutilized young actresses around. She was the next Julia Roberts after The Notebook and Red Eye, but then...practically nothing until Sherlock Holmes this past winter.

Well, she's finally back in the spotlight and looking more beautiful than ever in Morning Glory.

Morning Glory follows Becky, McAdams, as the young up-and-coming news producer trying to make her show work with the regular show anchor and the grouchy veteran who was brought in to bring credibility and hopefully ratings to the show. Of course, they don't get along and cause all kinds of trouble on air and off.

This clip from the film, originally posted on Hollywood.com, is of a sexy scene between Rachel McAdams and her love interest, Patrick Wilson.