Monday, March 28, 2011

ABDC Spotlight: IaMmE's I'm ill

I just watched the latest IaMmE video and I am so excited for this season of America's Best Dance Crew! While this video doesn't feature the whole crew, it's awesome to see a girl keeping up with Philip Chbeeb's hard hitting moves. Watch the short video below:

ABDC premieres on MTV Thursday, April 7.

Michael Bay presents a live-action, intense ANGRY BIRDS trailer

So this isn't really a movie directed by Michael Bay. But, don't tell me it doesn't fit right in with the current state of the film industry today. It almost hits too close to home to be funny. What am I saying? This thing is hilarious! Watch the trailer below: 

Would you watch this if it were a real movie? I could see it making some serious dough at the box office. 

Music Monday: Chomp and Change by The Black Keys

The Black Keys are blowing up the rock stations here in LA, with their new track "I'm Howling For You." While it's a great song, my favorite track of theirs is "Chomp & Change" which I originally heard off the TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE soundtrack (yeah, I am not ashamed!).