Thursday, April 8, 2010

ABDC: Season 5 Finale

It's down to the wire between the Poreotix and Blueprint Cru. Will Poreotix continue the tradition of The West crews? Or will Blueprint Cru take the crown for Canada?

15 million votes later and this is the closest race in America's Best Dance Crew history! I'm not surprised given just how strong both crews are. Poreotix has the personality and memorable crew members, while Blueprint Crew has the choreography and on point moves.

It's great to see all the crews back; I had nearly forgotten about Static Noyze and Swagger Crew.

The regional crews are all doing the group routines together. While it makes sense, I liked how it was done in previous seasons where the judges picked crews based on what styles they thought would go well together.

West Crews: Poreotix, Heavy Impact, Hype 5-0
Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha
Cool ariel opening in a "W" to represent the West. I liked when Poreotix members exploded out from the group formation. The tutting section was great and very in sync. It still impresses that these big dudes are so light on their feet and can pull of those flips. As the west crews are always very strong, I'm not surprised that was such a great large group routine.

East Crews: Saltare, Blueprint Cru, Static Noyze
Hot Mess by Cobra Starship
It'll be interesting to see all the crew members try to pull of the jump roping.  I can't believe Saltare messed up during their jump roping section while the other crews were able to pull it off. Sad way for them to end their run, especially because I like them so much. Oh well, nothing they can do about it now. The beauty of live TV! That routine was a hot mess.

South Crews: Jungle Boogie, Royal Flush, Swagger Crew
Take Your Shirt Off by T. Pain
I liked the move where they actually all took off their shirts. Royal Flush had the best highlight moments, with their flips and their choreography was really together. They were really on point. Jungle Boogie had that energy they're known for and after a season of watching them, I actually think I get what "Cranking" is.

Poreotix and Blueprint Cru
Live Drumline
They're stomping the yard! Interesting routine, but I think I prefer they top two routines of the past seasons where they were more traditionally hip hop. Great to see drumline getting some good exposure though.

The stroll through the crews' work this season really highlighted the differences between them. Poreotix is the fun, lively bunch with personality oozing out of every move. Blueprint Cru has the creativity and training to put together some fast, intricate routines. While I think Poreotix is going to take this for the west (again!), I would still be very happy if BPC took it. They're both just so strong and creative. This isn't like previous seasons of America's Best Dance Crew, where there was a clear frontrunner (Jabbawockeez, Super Crew). For me, this is the best season right along with Season 3 where it came down to the wire with Beat Freakz and Quest. Then, it wasn't clear that Quest was going to win it until their Last Chance Dance. Here, it's not clear to me who's going to win it mere minutes before Mario announces the champion.

And the winner is....
Poreotix! The west wins it again! And the crew who got the most votes going into the finale loses out again. The curse continues.

Victory Dance
I love how ever member got a chance to shine.  The b-boying moves in the first portion were very impressive - was this the first time they showcased this? I feel like it wasn't highlighted enough in their routines.

Congrats again to the winners! I can't wait to see next week's Champions for a Cause, where Jabbawockeez, Super Crew, Quest, We Are Heroes, and Poreotix perform on the ABDC stage for charity. Tune in Thursday April 15 at 10pm EST/PST.

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