Sunday, June 5, 2011

ABDC Season 6: And the Winner is...

Tonight it all ends. Either IaMmE wins or I may just give up on this show forever and stick with So You Think You Can Dance only. I guess we'll see tonight! Over 50 million votes were cast, breaking all previous records for this show. Along with crowning a winner, all five previous champions are back to perform again. We'll get amazing routines from Jabbawockeez, Super Crew, Quest Crew, We are Heroes, and Poreotix.

Opening Number: IaMmE and Iconic Boyz
Raise Your Glass by Pink
The two final crews performed together in a rocking opening number and I was very impressed with how well the integrated the two crews style. My favorite move was Marvelous Moon's little slide and rock and roll move, front and center.

Read about the other performances after the break.

Background: Season 5 winners. Toured with Justin Bieber/Usher, last seen in Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" video in monkey masks.
Song: Friday by Rebecca Black
I think they've only gotten better since they were on the show. As always, a great blend of humor and great movements. The way then went from Black's horrible Friday song and tied that in to Friday the 13th was so clever. Their tutting was exceptional and their isolations are hard to top. They just proved why their champions in case they were any doubters!

We Are Heroes
Background: Season 4 winners. The first all-female crew to go all the way. Hiro was just seen in the LA SYTYCD auditions. The crew is doing some amazing charity work with their organizations: Pray and Hope for Japan and We Are Heroes.
Song: We Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce
These girls deserve major props for doing some very athletic moves WHILE IN HEELS. Lil Mama loves that they put their heart into every performance. Michelle and Alley did back handsprings around the entire stage in heels and then landed in a splits - now that is amazing! An overall strong performance, but they definitely had better routines during their season of ABDC.

Quest Crew
Background: Season 3 winners. Their highlight reel is PHENOMENAL. They seriously are such an amazingly talented crew.
Song: Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
Only Quest Crew could making dancing in onezies look so cool! Opening with hugely athletic flips and then Stevie's ridiculous flips that D-Trix highlighted in slow-mo, they are just so sick. It was a difficult routine that made look easy and so fun with the pillow fight at the end. I'm sad it seems like D-Trix is done with Quest crew, since he was such an important part with his intense b-boy moves.

Background: Season 2 winners. Last I saw them, they were performing with the Jabbawockeez in Vegas at the Mus.I.C show. 
Song: Power by Kanye West
I love their ninja routine! They are all world-class B-Boys and just have some amazing tricks up their sleeves. They got the crowd chanting and Lil Mama shouting their praise. How baller of a move is it to disappear at the end of their routine? They don't need to hear the judges comments, for they are champions.

Background: Season 1 winners. Of course, they've been doing their Mus.I.C. show in Vegas (check out my thoughts on the show here)
Song: Original music from Mus.I.C.
JC loved their precision and artistry, they're just superstars. He highlighted a moment where they transitioned from a speed section in a slow, smooth move then fell to floor and picked it back up again, that is a trademark Jabba-style move. They are just so smooth and have a style all their own. It is only because this crew is so talented that this show is on the map. They also had an adorable moment when a little "baby-wockee" came out, as JC put it. I thought it might have been Jayden, but was pleasantly surprised it was a little girl. Getting new members while they're young!

Iconic Boyz
Song: Yeah Yeah Yeah by Chris Brown
Having them perform after all the previous champions, it just highlighted the fact that they are not up to this level yet. If they were to come back in like 5 years, I bet they'd be able to hold their own against the other crews because they'll be stronger and able to pull off more tricks and moves, but also because they'll be a bit more creative in their choreography.

Song: Rocketter by Far East Movement
Another great routine from them, but definitely not their best. Moon's parents came all the way from China to finally see him perform live. They've never been able to make it out to see him before, so this was a huge deal on top of the distance. They're so innovative in their moves and creative.

And the winner is...IAMME!!!

Over 50 million votes and thankfully, America got it right! I can watch next season with a clean conscious. Randy Jackson loved that they created images on stage that he had never seen before.

I would ask if you thought the right crew won, but if you've been reading my recaps then yes, yes you do. But, do you think another crew from this season deserved to take home the prize? Which routine from the previous champions was your favorite?

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