Sunday, April 25, 2010

SNL Highlights: Gabourey Sidibe

After last week's lackluster episode, Saturday Night Live needed the jolt of hilarity and personality that is Gabourey Sidibe. Given her candor on red carperts and interviews, everyone could guess this would be a great episode. While she was great, the writing definitely had its holes with that "Public Employee Awards" and "I Did it My Style: Frank Sinatra." However, it did have some great sketches thrown in. Below are a few of my favorite sketches from the night.

Opening Monologue

The "I'm Gabourey" song just may have been my favorite bit of the whole night.

Keenan as Steve Harvey

"This suit has 50 buttons!"

Crazy Ms. Jackson

My daddy used to sell Wikipedias...that’s why we was always so poor.

Weekend Update:
Stefan: City Correspondent

Girl Scout Cookies Rant

 Thin Mints...put them in the freezer...unless you don't like having your mind blown
"Have more pride in yourselves, Girl Scout Cookies! UR worth more than just coming out once a year. UR not candy canes or the McRib"

Alarm Clocks and More

Other tidbits worth a mention:
The papacy of Pope Benedict turned 5 this year...and a priest hit on it....!
"There's nothing more Nazi than saying "show me your papers. Heads up Arizona, that's fascism."
"Anytime someone says 'Show me your papers," Hitler's family gets a residual check."
"Bad PCP - you gotta try this man. It's gonna make you sooo cautious."

What did you guys think of the episode?


  1. I thought she was terrible. Stumbled through her lines and drew attention to herself. Pretty clear Gabourey isn't a comedic actor.

    Best sketches were Steve Harvey and Frank Sinatra.

  2. Really? To each his own I guess, but The Frank Sinatra one was my least favorite. I don't know, I just did not find it funny and it played off the one joke for too long.

    Also, Maybe since last week's was so bad I'm being more lenient on this one. It's all about context and framing.

  3. I can see what Cody is saying on the stumbling a bunch of lines, but yea compared to Philippe's show it was pretty solid. And the Steve Harvey skit was one of my favorites of the season.