Friday, November 5, 2010

Linkulous: Glee, BSB, Ugly Wedding, McDonald's and more

The Burger Lab: Revisiting the Myth of The 12-Year Old McDonald's Burger That Just Won't Rot (Testing Results!)
10 Reasons Every TV Exec Needs to Start Tweeting

Check out the ridiculously accurate (spoiler-filled)The Walking Dead Google map

Steven Spielberg's 'Terra Nova' to Air Two-Hour Sneak Peek in May

How To See Movies For Free: A Guide to AFI Fest Ticketing

Nielsen Admits Undercounting Web Traffic

'Daily Show' Beats Leno, Letterman for First Time

Dating Site For Ugly People Results in Hottie-Prince Wedding of the Year

Backstreet Boys Announce Tour With New Kids On The Block

‘TRON: Legacy’ Store To Open in Los Angeles For Six Weeks

The end of the 'do-something' Congress

My Problem with Glee: Will Schuester

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