Thursday, November 25, 2010

Glee: Thoughts on "Furt"

It's been a while since I did an episode recap for Glee. Mostly because I've been kind of apathetic towards this season. The characters have been flat, plotlines have bordered on ridiculous, and it's the most inconsistent show currently on air.

However, last night's episode finally had me excited about the musical numbers, the characters exhibited growth, well at least a couple, and one of the storylines made sense. I'm just going to ignore the entire Sue-plotline. If that hadn't been so off the wall and a poor man's Carrie Bradshaw, this episode would have been in my top favorites list.

It's a shame that only Kurt seems to get depth in the show. They are able to handle that well (most of the time) and I wish they would apply that to the other core characters. This week, in the face of bullying, the other glee kids stood by their own and defended him. All of them except Finn that is. I was worried he was going the way of Shuester, but unlike him he actually redeemed himself rather smoothly and I still believe he is a genuinely good guy. Also, he's a teenager. I'm much more willing to forgive his idiotic decisions in the quest for popularity than I am for Will. Will is a grown man and should know better. Most of the time, he just comes off as selfish, using the kids or glee performances to get what he wants out of it rather than listening to the kids.

This week didn't very much Will and I think it was better for it. He didn't perform with the kids, shoehorning himself into an uncomfortable situation. I also really enjoyed his rendition of "Sway" which was age appropriate, and while it is odd that he's performing at his students' parents' wedding, it definitely felt more organic than his decision to replace Sam as Rocky in the Rocky Horror Glee Show.

Speaking of the wedding, watch my favorite scene from the episode. "Marry You" by Bruno Mars:

When this started, I was so excited all I could do was tweet in caps lock. This song, and Bruno Mars in general, have been my musical obsession for the past few weeks. I never expected them to do this song, since it's not even on the radio. This song choice, the sappy vows to each other and to Kurt, the whole thing had me teary eyed. Yes, the vows were a little too sappy. Yes, they present Kurt as St. Kurt who does no wrong and deserves everyone's love and adoration. But, I fully believed their heartfelt words. Some people thought the Finn serenade of "Just the Way You Are" (TWO Bruno Mars songs in one episode) was too much, but after the way he let Kurt be bullied, he had to do a big gesture to get back in Kurt's, and the audience's, good graces. This redemption hasn't been done for Will yet and I think if it doesn't happen soon, it'll be too little, too late. I'm glad to see Finn isn't following in his footsteps, at least not yet anyway.

We've still got a lot of the season left and I'm interested to see how they deal with Kurt at the new school. I don't see how he can stay there long and remain a part of the core of the show. And as the only character with depth and complete likability, they either need to keep him around or learn how to flesh out the other characters so they're not so one note. Here's hoping they continue at this level of quality, as this is by far the most erratic television show on air right now. Have you heard about the Three Glees Theory? 

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