Monday, November 1, 2010

SNL Highlights: Jon Hamm

There's a reason this is Jon Hamm's third time hosting in just two seasons. He's hilarious and isn't afraid to look ridiculous to get the laugh. I still love the digital short, Sergio, from his last stint, and he was greased up, covered in oil, and sporting a permed mullet for it! There were so many hilarious sketches this week, so sorry for the video overload.

Shy Ronnie
I loved this sketch the last time Rihanna performed, and am so glad they brought it back. Having Ronnie in the skirt with the tiny gun totally fit with his personality and got the laugh. I loved when Ronnie went off as soon as "Clyde" stepped out; he had some sick rhymes! It's just too bad he can't speak in her presence, so she'll never know.

I Didn't Ask For This
This was my favorite sketch from the night! The " Autotuned Best Cry Ever" would totally be my ringtone.

Back to the Future Screen Tests
25 years ago, a film classic came into existence. But it took a lot of casting calls and auditions to find the perfect cast. These impressions are pretty spot on, especially Alan Alda, Robin Williams, and Eddie Murphy. Jay Pharoah is a comedy beast!

Highway Cops

What was your favorite sketch from the night?

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