Thursday, June 23, 2011

SYTYCD Season 8: Top 20 Perform AGAIN

This week, living legend Debbie Reynolds is guest judging! Famous for her work in SINGIN' IN THE RAIN and tons of other musical movies, and danced with dancing legend Gene Kelly.

Ricky & Ryan
Mandy Moore Jazz
Song: Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer
Ricky's jump into the splits was impressive. Otherwise, nothing really stood out to me and thought it was just average for the show. Nigel thought they were on the Hot Tamale Train, with it being so hot and raunchy, with huge sexual tension "like something between Mary and [Nigel]." Mary shrieked that she's addicted to them and thought Ryan was a "warrior vixen" while Ricky was in character the whole time. Debbie Reynolds was hilarious: "I've never seen anyone dance sexier, I mean you fell out of your top, you fell out of your bottom, you gave it your all!"

Caitlynn & Mitchell
Stacey Tookey Contemporary
Song: Turning Tables by Adele
In this piece, Caitlynn wants to end her relationship but can't bring herself to do it. They both brought so much emotion and depth to this piece, I absolutely loved it. Apparently, Mitchell accidently punched her nose during one of the intense moves! They were really in to. Mitchell really benefited from the second chance this week, he really got to shine in this routine. Caitlynn's leap into his arms was so brave and beautiful. Mary thought they were just flawless. Debbie said again that they gave it all and it totally fit again.

Wadi & Missy
Jean-Marc Genereaux Cha-Cha
Song: Cannibal by Ke$ha
Apparently, this is Jean-Marc's most difficult choreography on the show ever. Oh no, this could be the first disaster of the season. While the choreography was tough, he didn't have as many tricky ballroom moves as I thought he would. Debbie enjoyed it, and thought it was "muy beuno." Nigel thought the strength movements like the lifts or partnering, but the rest of it was very weak and needed a lot more work. Mary thought Wadi fell short; he needed to drop his weight. However, she thought Missy was the Cha-Cha queen! She thought they looked like Dancing With The Stars up there, with Missy as the pro and Wadi as the student. Wadi looked so sad! Luckily, Debbie was ready to lighten the mood saying "Wadi can come home with me....He can cha-cha with me anytime!"

Iveta & Nick
Nakul Dev Mahajan Bollywood
Song:  Bawwre by Luck By Chance (soundtrack)
It was little odd to see Bollywood danced by two very pale people. I don't know, just seemed a little disconnect. They definitely did not live up to previous Bollywood performances on the show, but those all came later in the season when the dancers had more experience. Mary loved the chemistry and thought they fit right. They freaked out Debbie in a good way and everyone agreed it was a lot of fun to watch them. I thought it was solid overall, especially that spinning lift Nick did where he held her up with one arm.

Rob & Miranda
Nappy Tabs Hip Hop
Song: Break Ya Neck by Busta Rhymes
Ouch, they had a messed up flip at one point that was painfully obvious. Miranda didn't hit the moves as hard as she should have, especially when compared with Robert. But, even with that, it was a fun routine. Mary loved it and thought Miranda went to a whole 'nother level for her. Debbie surprised everyone with a great Woody the Woodpecker impression! Miranda shocked Nigel yet again, thinking she's the best contemporary dancer he's seen do hip hop. He also loved that there were no "woo"s in this routine and Robert finally "danced where his mouth is" and lived up to his personality.

Clarice & Jess
Stacey Tookey Jazz
Song: Cathedrals by Jump Little Children
They touched Debbie's heart and wants them both to come home with her along with Wadi. Nigel enjoyed parts of it, like the work they did separately. However, their chemistry was a bit off and their movements together just didn't sync up as well as last week. Mary gushed and gushed about Jess, but I'm still not a convert. If they end up in the bottom, I hope Jess goes home.

Jordan & Tadd
Jean-Marc Genereaux Viennese Waltz
Song: Fade Into Me by David Cook
I was so impressed with Tadd during this! Nigel thought it was so beautiful, with the rise and fall and flow, everything. Nigel thought Tadd was ridiculous and had to remind him that he's a b-boy. This was the best he's seen a b-boy dance the waltz. Mary thought he's the surprise of the season! He was so tender and on time with amazing lines. I think this was best Viennese Waltz since Twitchington in Season 4! Wow, the biggest compliment of the night comes from Debbie, comparing them Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire.

Melanie & Marko
Mandy Moore Jazz
Song: Sing With a Swing (Raf Marshini Remix) by DKS
I'm a little disappointed, but compared to their routine last week I'm sure anything would have disappointed. They were still very strong, but nothing about the routine grabbed my attention but that may have been moreso the choreography. The judges all unanimously loved them, calling the musical stars of today. I guess we'll see if America agrees with me or the judges when the votes come in.

Sasha & Alexander
Nappy Tabs Lyrical Hip Hop
Song: Coming Home by Diddy-Dirty Money & Skylar Grey
They were fantastic! My favorite routine of the night. They brought Mary and Debbie to tears; since they  really brought the emotion to every step of the routine. Mary was so emotional she had to stop her critique short because of the tears. It's just crazy that in one night Nappy Tabs brought us the fun woodpecker routine and then this beautiful and emotional piece.

Chris & Ashley
Spencer Liff Broadway
Song: Please, Mr. Jailer by Rachel Sweet
I love this song! I know it from the awesomely cheesy 80s movie, CRY-BABY starring Johnny Depp. This is the first time they've had a couple dance an entire routine with bars between them. Other routine may have started that way, but halfway through someone breaks out so they can partner more traditionally. They were fantastic! The judges loved it and they are officially the first couple on the famous (infamous?) Hot Tamale Train!

Other Odds & Ends

  • I loved the variety on this show! Such a great mix of serious, slow routines as well as a lot of fun ones that were just entertaining to watch. 
  • I adored Cat's yellow lace dress. So classy and colorful.
  • That Bollywood routine may have been the weakest one I've seen on the show. They got the moves, but something was just missing. 
  • I definitely didn't agree with the judges much this week. 
  • My favorite routines: Mitchell & Caitlynn, Jordan & Tadd, Sasha & Alexander
  • I still really like Melanie & Marko, but they're going to have to work very hard to live up to their first dance, the Statue routine. 
What was your favorite routine? 

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