Thursday, March 17, 2011

America's Best Dance Crew: Season 6 Crews Revealed!

Dance TV season is gearing up and I'm so excited! We just got news about So You Think You Dance, and now America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC) has revealed the 10 competing crews!

TVLine has the full breakdown on the crews, but I already have a hunch on which crews I'll like based of their style and hometown.

Being from LA, I'm obviously a big fan of the West crews. And given the fact that a West crew has won every season, it seems America is too!

My favorite crews sight-un-seen:
Instant Noodles | Say hello to this season’s b-boys. The Los Angeles-based crew, with roots in Taipei, Taiwan, aims to build on the already unique style and share what makes them distinct.

Asian, from LA, and B-Boys - YES PLEASE. I'm expecting some pretty great things from them.

Eclectic Gentlemen | With their focus on being clean-cut and well dressed, these suave hoofers from North Hollywood bring a professional style to the stage. The crew currently teaches workshops and has traveled the world with big-name musical acts, but hopes to attain individual recognition on ABDC.

I'm a sucker for clean-cut boys, so it'll be nice to see them pulling out some great hip hop moves while looking good too. Plus, their high-profile background gives them the edge on live performance.

Street Kingdom | Despite their rough pasts in inner city Los Angeles, Street Kingdom’s co-ed members have made a fresh start — and it’s all because of a shared passion known as KRUMP.

I wasn't a fan of Krumping until I saw it down right on SYTYCD by Twitch. If they can live up to that (which will be hard) they could just blow everyone away. Plus, everyone loves a rags-to-riches story about inner city kids overcoming all the odds to make it big.

ReQuest | These New Zealand ladies are currently riding high as the 2010-11 World Hip Hop Dance Champions. They hope to showcase their moves while fusing cultures together and inspiring girls around the world to dance.

The only non-west coast crew to make my list, I have to root for the ladies! Plus, with that big title under the belt, you know they can move.

For more info on all the crews, visit TVLine.

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