Friday, August 7, 2009

How are you job searching?

With the job market as it is, some people are going to
extreme and unusual lengths to get a job. There have
been stories of applicants putting magnets
on their cars directing people to check out their
website/resume, an applicant wearing a t-shirt with her
resume on the front and cover letter on the back,
and even one women took to wearing a sandwich board
of her credentials while walking around the busy streets
in her neighborhood.

Some of these worked, some of them didn't, but I feel
that's true of all job searches.

What is interesting is the start of some video resumes!
Maybe these are because of How I Met Your Mother's
episode that featured this:

Now, most professions don't require a video resume.
The only ones that come to mind are actors, news anchors,
and now I know Production Designers! Check out my
roommate's reel for an example.

Izzy Shu's Production Designer Reel:

Also, while he doesn't have a reel put together yet, you
can check out Kevin Taylor's News Stories here.

Once he gets his reel together I'm sure I'll be posting it here.

I think these video resumes/reels are way more entertaining
and engagingthan a paper resume, but they definitely don't
belong in all professions.

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