Thursday, April 28, 2011

ABDC Season 6: Katy Perry Challenge

Tonight the crews will be taking on the upbeat, sugary sweet tunes of Katy Perry. It'll be interesting to see how krumping works with her pop hits.

Street Kingdom wears the same thing every week. I get that they're hard core street and wear camo, but they need to change it up a little! The first crews saved this week are Phunk Phenomenon and IaMmE, to no surprise since they are currently the best crews so far.

Crew: Phunk Phenomenon
Katy Perry Song: Waking Up In Vegas
Background: They're really involved with, a charity for SanFillipo Syndrome. Visit the site for more info. They also work with Hip Hop For Hope. It's great to see a crew giving back! I'm sure they'll be getting a lot of votes this week for this, on top of the votes for their great routine.
Routine: The roulette move was great and very creative move to illustrate the sound effect and story. D-Trix loves them more and more every week. They took the music and told a story with it. Lil Mama's toned down her eye make up this week, so maybe I'll be able to listen to her. She thnks they're the most powerful crew in the competition. JC loved that they continued the story after most of the crew jumped off stage, but thought the acting at the end veered into the too cheesy territory.

Crew: IaMmE
Katy Perry Song: Peacock
Background: They have to fan out on stage like a peacock. One member had never actually seen a peacock in person, so they went on a field trip for some research. 
Routine: I've never heard this song before...why choose this over her radio hits? Lil Mama is constantly amazed by them - they came with some vogue and a new style. JC appreciated that they did some assymetrical looks and moves, but honestly I don't think the audience at home could pick up on much of a difference. They understood the imagery of a peacock fanning really well, which D-Trix was really impressed that they were able to make it serious and pull it off. 

The next crews to land safely out of the bottom crews are 787 Crew, Iconic Boyz, and Instant Noodles. That leaves Street Kingdom and Request in danger. I'm not surprised Street Kingdom's in the bottom, as I mentioned last year

Crew: 787 Crew
Katy Perry Song: Hot N Cold
Background: They have to create a rollercoaster during the routine, so of course they have to go on a field trip to an amusement park for research! They're also trying to be more careful with their tricks so they don't lose anoher member. 
Routine: I didn't see a rollercoaster in their routine at all. I loved that they included their injured member, allowing him to live out this dream he nearly missed out on. JC loved the routine, especially the dive rolls and levels. D-Trix loved the merry-go-round into corkscrews, and the flips to create a rollercoaster effect (I didn't really see it, maybe I was expecting something more?). Lil Mama commended their injured member for bringing choreography to the stage despite his wheelchair status. 

Crew: Iconic Boyz
Katy Perry Song: Teenage Dream
Background: They have to create a wall and break it down. Of course they get this song, but I think they're all a year or two away from being teenagers. They are pretty adorable in this pre-package. 
Routine: D-Trix thinks they're adorable, but it wasn't good enough for him. They built a wall but didn't give a reason for breaking it down, they needed more of a story. Lil Mama considers them her babies and thinks their choreography is among the cleanest on the show. They have swag and loved their cat-daddy moves. JC loved them, despite the basic wall. He thought their performance was top notch and he really enjoyed the routine. JC and D-Trix are on two sides of a hot debate on line. D-Trix is judging them compared to all the other crews on the same level, whereas JC is taking into account their age and sort of handicapping them and judging them differently. I've got to side with D-Trix on this one, there should be no difference between judging the crews, whether they're different ages, races, sizes, or styles. Also, JC get's the award for most ridiculous quote just because it was such an overreaction: 

"To say you didn't like the whole routine, come on man don't be a crackhead." 

Crew: Instant Noodles
Katy Perry Song: Firework
Background: One of them has to make a movement that sparks a chain reaction in the rest of the crew. This seems like a pretty easy challenge since that's a pretty common dance move as it is. They also need to work on their levels because they're still having trouble balancing out the lows with the highs since they are b-boys. 
Routine: The slow-mo that JC pointed out was my favorite moment, where he did flares then jumped into a kid-and-play. While he enjoyed the routine for the most part, he didn't like how many pauses their were. D-Trix loved the humor of their ballet moves and appreciated their b-boy moves and sensibility. Lil Mama said some stuff of no consequence. 

Bottom Two Crews: 

Crew: Street Kingdom
Katy Perry Song: E.T. 
Background: They have to transport the audience by creating a spaceship, which I don't quite understand how this is going to work. It's a pretty appropriate song for them since they said before that they don't move like humans do, so it makes sense they'd get the alien song!
Routine: This was definitely an improvement over last week's performance! D-Trix was pretty much brought to tears by their performance, calling it the best performance he's seen in his life. They literally left him speechless. Lil Mama thought they boosted the energy from a 7 to a 10 in the studio. 

Crew: Request
Katy Perry Song: California Gurl
Background: They were in the bottom last week, so they really need to kill it in order to stay alive. They have to ride a wave on stage, which results in yet another research trip! They're from an island nation, so they didn't really need to go on a trip. But hey, who would pass up a trip to the beach. 
Routine: I liked their waves, especially since they brought it in a few times in different forms. JC loves that they're showing off many styles of dancing. Even thought they're in the bottom again, they continue to bring it and thought they were top notch. 

Both crews seemed to be equally loved by the judges, so it's a tough call on who is going home. I just think D-Trix loves krump so much, and because Tight-Eyez is a living legend, that Street Kingdom will live to see another day. I hope Request stays though because their routines are so fun, clever, and clean. 

In the end, the judges decided that Street Kingdom will be back next week. Goodbye Request, I thought you were the better crew tonight. And with that, the all-girl crews are out. Do you think the right crew went home? 

For next week, I think the bottom two will be Street Kingdom and Instant Noodles. Iconic Boyz will probably be safe because of their cuteness, and their fans will rally after that debate between JC and D-Trix. 

Liked Katy Perry's tracks? You can buy her Teenage Dream album here:

Next Week: Rihanna.

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