Saturday, April 2, 2011

Footage from WonderCon: THE GREEN LANTERN

The first trailer for THE GREEN LANTERN was pretty disappointing. With lackluster special effects and a focus on the humor, many fanboys were disappointed and unimpressed. At CinemaCon and WonderCon, Warner Bros. stepped it up a notch and showed four minutes of footage that blew the first trailer out of the water.

Watch the footage after the break.

While this looks so much better, is it too late to change the public's mind? That first trailer was so bad, I know many people just crossed the film off their list. While this footage is changing the mind of fanboys (and girls), it may be too little too late for the general public. And with no new trailers until THOR's release, it's getting a far later marketing push than any other tent-pole summer blockbuster. Plus, this summer is extremely packed with big action, superhero flicks. This may be the one that people decide to skip.

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