Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Spring 2011 TV Schedule

There are a whole slew of new midseason shows, some of which I've profiled. With all the changes to the TV landscape, I figured I'll lay out just what shows I'll be watching (and therefore probably posting about.)

8pm: Chuck (NBC)
While this season hasn't been my favorite, it's still a whole lot of fun to watch. While its ratings have never been stellar, it's become the anchor show on NBC's weak Monday night lineup. Will that be enough for it to get another season renewal? It's still too early to tell...
8pm: How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
This season has been a steady rise over a weak season 5. The hook of Ted telling the story of how he met his wife has me hook, line, and sinker. I'll be watching this show to the bitter end if it comes to that.
9pm: Being Human (SyFy)
I just posted about this in one of my midseason previews. My most anticipated new show! A werewolf, ghost, and werewolf are 20-something roommates. Hijink and drama ensue.

8pm: Glee (FOX)
This is the most erratic show on television. For every 3 episodes of mediocrity bordering on crap, there's 1 that I love and keeps my watching. If that ratio gets worse, I may just give up on it but for now I'm in for at leas the rest of the season. And with the ratings stronger than ever and a plum post-SuperBowl timeslot, it's going to be on for a while.

8pm: Live to Dance with Paula Abdul (CBS)
I'm a sucker for dance shows. I'm covering this for RealityWanted.com, so check it out :)
9pm: Modern Family (ABC) 
Still the most hilarious show on television. I'm not a part of the Community fervor, maybe one day when I catch it on DVD, but for now all my comedy love belongs to Modern Family and Cougar Town.
9:30pm: Mr. Sunshine (ABC)
Taking over Cougar Town's spot for a while, I'll be tuning in to see if Matthew Perry is still my favorite Friend.
9:30pm: Cougar Town (ABC)
If you wrote this show off because of the title, or after the first few episodes, please give it another shot! It's hilarious, smart, and has tons of heart while we follow this family of misfit friends.
10pm: Off the Map (ABC)
I'm not much for medical shows anymore (I used to be a huge fan of Grey's and House) but I do love exotic locations. Plus, a friend of mine worked on the show so if it gets picked up for a full season or more, my friend gets to keep his job! So everybody watch :)

8pm: The Vampire Diaries (CW)
I don't think I need to espouse my love for the show anymore.
8pm: The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
This season has been off with the whole Penny/Leonard and Sheldon/Amy, but I'm in til the end of the season, at least.
8pm: Bones (FOX)
Damn you David Boreanez! You're just so charismatic! The chemistry between Booth and Bones reached a major head in the fall finale of The Doctor in the Photo. It was the best episode of the season and I can't wait to see where things go from here between them.
8:30pm: Perfect Couples (NBC)
While the sneak preview episode wasn't great, I'm going to give it another shot just because of the cast. I love Olivia Munn and the It's Always Sunny Waitress finally gets a real role!
9pm: Nikita (CW)
My favorite new show of the season, the action has been nonstop and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

9pm: The Cape (NBC)
While this has been panned by many of the critics who got early screeners, I'm still hopeful. It's supposed to be like a comic book come to life and maybe those critics just didn't get/appreciate that aspect? It's superheroes and Summer Glau, of course I'll be tuning in.

What will you lot be watching this season? Anything you think I should give a chance?

Also, in case you missed it, here's a handy list of all the midseason premiere dates and times.

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