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SYTYCD Season 8: Top 8 Perform

Tonight, Lady Gaga joins the judging table, as well as PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 director Rob Marshall. The Top 8 take the stage with All-Stars, but also partner up with each other to bringing some "dances of death" along with one routine that may just be my favorite of the season.

Read about all the routines and who I think will be going home tomorrow after the break.

Sasha and Pasha
Puttin' on the Ritz by Terry Snider
Rob Marshall loves the abandon and joy Sasha brings to every one of her dances. Mary thought she pulled it off; she just creates this vision that is fantastic. She highlighted her promenade and body position. Nigel says that she's his favorite dancer in the competiton "by a hair's breath." Lady Gaga thought that it could have been a bit looser, but loved the way that she interpreted the intention of the choreographer.

Caitlynn and Ivan
Lyrical Hip Hop
Let Me Love You by Mario
Other than the fact I think it took too long for her to start dancing, it was really good! She was hitting the moves just as good as Ivan. Mary had to gush about Ivan because he was so good; he takes a teeny move and makes it magical. I didn't watch Season 2, but he was a really good popper with swagger. Nigel thought she needed to get down in to it more, but she did play the part really well. Lady Gaga thought lyrical hip hop can get a little dated, but that she was lovely and sexy and kept it fresh.

Jordan and Ade
Jazz- Tyce DiOrio
Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner
Ade was fantastic as to be expected! This was pretty much what you would imagine a Jordan routine with a partner as strong as Ade would be. Her legs were once again the focus and the highlight, but otherwise I wasn't blown away.

Melanie and Neil
Mandy Moore- Contemporary
Total Eclipse Of The Heart- Bonnie Tyler
Gaga would hire her tomorrow based off that performance! Melanie just has this quality about her that demands your attention when she's on stage. And that running leap into Neil's arms! Just fearless and such trust is required for that. And not only did she do it during the dance, but she exited the stage with another flying leap into his arms!

Ricky and Anya
Jive- Jason Gilkinson
River Deep, Mountain High by Celine Dion
This fast-paced ballroom number was fantastic! That flip that Ricky did over Anya was incredible and I don't think I've seen that before. Mary was very happy with it, especially given how even though he fell out of ryhthym and got back in to it. Nigel thought it was ok, but thought one lift belonged in the meat market, like she was a slab of meat. Harsh! Gaga has a soft spot for Ricky, but felt it was a little "Dancing with the Stars" at times.

Jess and Lauren Gottlieb
Nappy Tabs Hip Hop
Take a Bow by Rihanna
Mary thought that tonight was one of his most honest performances, that it really came from his soul. He brought the swag tonight. After NPH's critique last week, he really got control of his mugging and facial expressions and that has always been my big complaint with him. Apparantly, Rob saw him in THE GRINCH on Broadway and thought he was great then, but he's grown so much on the show even with already having that experience under his belt.

Tadd and Lauren Froderman
Mandy Moore Jazz
Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
Woops, looks like they didn't have a back up plan for when he dropped his hat. Oh well, he danced through it and made it through. Nigel commended him for how he can absorb a style like a sponge and repeat it beautifully. The judges all mentioned how he made it through given the hat and the face smack, but he handled that smack so well that I didn't even notice that Lauren had hit him!

Marko and Allison
Sonya Tayeh Contemporary
I Know It's Over by Jeff Buckley
They brought Lady Gaga to tears and the judges to their feet. His movements were so fluid and filled with emotion that they were just moved by it. Mary also shed a few tears at the beauty of that dance and how sincere he was. He's her favorite dancer on the show. The judges just had such amazing praise for this routine and Marko's performance - how he just transcended the show to where it's no longer about getting first or second. My big complaint with this routine wasn't with the dancers, it was the fact that Sonya's signature style was absent. This felt like something that could have been from Mia or Travis or Mandy, not Sonya.

Tadd and Caitlynn
Foxtrot Jonathon Roberts
Top Hat, White Tie and Tails by Ella Fitzgerald
Rob thought that was sparkling from beginning to end; it was like a black & white movie musical come to life. The Foxtrot is usually a dance of death and I think we'll be saying goodbye to Caitlynn this week. She's been great throughout, and a pleasant surprise to me most weeks, but I think her time has come.

Marko and Ricky
Nappy Tabs Hip Hop
Bad Boy for Life by Diddy featur Balck Rob and Mark Curry
They were so good! Especially since neither of them are hip hop-ers. Mary even briefly stood up for them, "if everyone could dance with brooms like that we'd certainly be in a cleaner world." Nigel couldn't believe how nasty and mean Marko looked in that. The aerial swipe they both did with the brooms was a definite highlight of the routine. Nigel is worried Ricky will be in the bottom this week, and that comment just might be enough to get him some pity votes and make his fans call in even more. Lady Gaga thought their interpretation of hip hop was a bit contrived. This was my favorite routine of the night! It started out strong and then when the song kicked it up a notch, I was just amazed at how well these two contemporary guys could pull off these advanced hip hop moves.

Jordan and Jess
Jason Gilkinson Rumba
Set Fire to the Rain by Adele
Nigel thought their lifts were fabulous, but there wasn't any chemistry here. Mary would have loved to see more elasticity through the arms and movements that would add volume and sensuality to the dance. It was still beautiful, but it wasn't to the standards of her ballroom trained eye. Personally, the Rumba hasn't been done will since since Season 5 when Ade and Melissa did it.

Melanie and Sasha
Sonya Tayeh Jazz
Game on by District 78
And the judges are standing again! Lady Gaga threw her show on the stage because that performance was so good! Apparently that's a tradition in dance performances? Who knew! With this routine, and many more from tonight's performances, the judges just gushed all over it and I was personally indifferent to it.

Bottom Four Prediction
I think the Top 4 have this on lock and have for a while. It'll be Sasha, Melanie, Marko, and Tadd in the finale, with Ricky and Caitlynn going home tomorrow. The judges just found every little thing to tear Ricky down tonight and Caitlynn has been amazing but forgettable throughout most of the competition.

Who do you think will be going home tomorrow?

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