Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SDCC: Sunday Recap, including The Cleveland Show and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

By Kevin Taylor

Just like that, it was Sunday, the last day of Comic Con. Crazy how fast it went. Kristal and I got on the floor early to grab a few items to remember the weekend. I got a couple of shirts, one of wario riding a go kart that says "I beat your mom at Mario Kart." The other one had pictures of some of Link's favorite weapons from Ocarina of Time, with the writing "Don't Make Me Go Zelda On You." Awesomeness.
Other purchases included Kristal's Angry Birds shirt that says "Drop Birds Not Bombs" and a pillow of the Facebook "Like" button. After that, we headed on over to Hall H to catch the Always Sunny Panel.

The Cleveland Show: Before we could enjoy the Sunny madness, we had to endure The Cleveland Show panel. They showed a scene from a previous episode that took place at Comic Con, which was kinda funny I guess. After that, they showed concept art of a Die Hard themed episode, "Die Semi-Hard." While I may not be a big Cleveland Show Fan, I do love Die Hard, and this episode actually looked half way decent. I will try to make sure to check it out, but if I don't catch it, I won't be heartbroken.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia: This was one of the panels that I was most excited for coming into Comic Con. Last year, they showed a full episode from the upcoming season, and they did the same thing this year, showing "Frank's Pretty Woman." As always, it was hilarious, and will definitely be one to watch out for. The "b plot" revolved around Mac, who in case you haven't heard, put on about 50 pounds of fat for this season, making him "fat mac." While the cast claims it was for the show, Kristal thinks that he put on baby weight, since his wife, Caitlin Olsen, or Sweet Dee on the show, was pregnant this past year. Either way, it was hilarious.

After the episode, the cast came out dressed up in their Nightman Cometh outfits, and answered a few questions. In a perfect ending, the guy who was given the last question asked for them to do a rendition of the "Dayman" song. The whole crowd and the cast sang the song, putting a perfect ending to a fantastic Comic Con!!

While that covers all the days of Comic-Con, stay tuned as Kristal will be posting her exclusive interviews and press coverage here and on

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