Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SYTYCD Season 8: Top 14 Perform

This week Travis Wall and Carmen Electra join the judging table. While Travis makes complete sense, Carmen Electra doesn' she going to critique their stripper abilities? After her intro, she does have a bit of dance credibility - she majored in ballet and performance arts, danced with Prince and won Miss Dance Ohio. I didn't even know there was such a thing!

Justin Gilles Guy's Contemporary Routine
Song: Prague by Damien Rice
Chris, in the back far right, was really off for one small section of the routine and that really threw off the whole aesthetic. I liked the slow introductions to each guy and how each piece was a bit separate but then came together to up the emotion.

Melanie and Marko
Ray Jazz
Song: Americano by Lady Gaga
I didn't see the story they mentioned in the intro video, but it was still good dancing. Travis called Marko one of the strongest male dancers on the show, and exclaimed Melanie as his favorite dancer in the entire competition. Carmen loved that they "just came out like a bull and took control." Mary even renamed Marko to Domination Man because he justs dominates the stage.

Sasha and Alexander
Sean Evaristo Hip Hop
Song: Tthe Moon by Miguel
That was a cute routine! Carmen was entranced by Sasha so much that she didn't get a couple vibe from them. Mary didn't get the swag from this routine, it just wasn't believe and she didn't connect with the piece. Ouch, Nigel thought it was "Hip Hop 101" and "Hip Hop for Dummies" with no swag. Travis didn't hate on it as much as the others and offered some constructive criticism. I definitely didn't hate it as much as the judges, but Sasha was heads and shoulders above Alexander once again. If they end up in the bottom, he may be the guy to go home this week.

Jordan and Tadd
Toni Redpath Smooth Waltz
Song: Nocturne from Secret Garden
I much preferred their first waltz, the Viennese Waltz. It was slow and dreamy, which Mary loved. She commended Jordan on her floor sweep, which was so graceful and she was able to hold her position the entire time. Travis thought they were "putting periods on the end of their sentences when they should have been run-on sentences." But seriously, Tadd is doing incredibly well across the board. The judges said Ryan & Ricky and Melanie & Marko are the power couples, but I would switch out R&R for these guys.

Clarice and Jess
Justine Giles Contemporary
Song: Light Through the Branches by Celeste Lear
Travis thought it was their best routine yet and I'm going to have to agree with that. I dislike Jess's personality, but this routine was so good I can't discount him. Nigel loves this style because it is so stacato and jerky, but conveys so much emotion. This partnership has been growing every week, and Mary says they dance like they've been dancing together for years. I love Clarice

Chris and Ashley
Song: Mambo Beat by Tito Puente
That choreography looked very difficult! Those lifts were extreme with so many parts and then that ending move was really great. But the stuff in between the lifts, when they broke away, Chris was a little awkward in his movements. Travis earned his first boo ever as a judge. Mary reminded them that they are the only two on the Hot Tamale Train and they do deserve to be there. This routine wasn't hot enough for the train, there is a bit of a simmer.

Ryan and Ricky
Chucky Klapow Jazz
Song: Fashion by David Bowie
Ryan totally fell out of her turn there at the end. Great song choice and fantastic choreography. Of course the judges loved Ryan, but my eyes were on Ricky the entire time. His lines and movements were so great. I love the description from Nigel, it's a "zombie zoolander" dance, and he was reminded of the famous Rama Lama routie from Travis' season.

Mitchell and Caitlynn
Mandy Moore Contemporary
Song: To Love You More by Celine Dion
Standing ovation from the judges! Those lifts were so amazing! Mary yelled out that it was favorite number of the night! She's nearly in tears and completely speechless at first. All the judges had nothing but praise and they are so right. This was such a strong routine made all the better by great chemistry, emotion

Ray Leher Jazz Girls' Routine
Song: My Discarded Men by Eartha Kitt with Bronski Beat
Another murderous ladies routine. I liked this one better than last week's, especially the very traditionally jazzy movements. My eyes were naturally drawn to Melanie and Jordan more, and occasionally Caitlynn too. They were the strongest presence on the stage, for sure.

Bottom Three Prediction

Chris and Ashley

Sasha and Alexander

Jordan and Tadd

It's hard for me to pick who should go home because I think the "fan favorites" got some poor performances and feedback from the the judges. Meanwhile, my least favorite contestants actually had some of the best routines. Jess "the mess" is maybe even growing on me?!

If it's these couples in the bottom, I think Ashley and Alexander will go home, hopefully giving Sasha a stronger partner for the coming weeks.

Who do you think will be in danger tomorrow?

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