Thursday, June 30, 2011

SYTYCD Season 8: Top 16 Perform

This week Kristen Chenoweth and Lil C join the judges panel to comment on the Top 16 performances. If you don’t know who Kristen Chenoweth is, you need to get on Netflix and watch Pushing Daisies. Ok, you back after watching? Good, we’re in some fantastic dancing tonight! Let’s get to it.

Tyce D’iorio Group Broadway Routine

Song: Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles

The chairs were really well incorporated into the choreography and they were really throwing them, which added a bit of danger to the routine. I thought they all did a great job, even though I’m not a fan of Tyce and therefore it’s hard for me to admit that.

Sasha & Alexander

Dee Caspary Contemporary

Song: Belong by Cary Brothers

I loved that Sasha came out of the piano and that ending bit where her hands came out of the piano. Nigel thought Alex needed more of a connection with the audience, Sasha, and the emotion of the piece. Kristen loved that she couldn’t even hear Sasha dance, she was just so graceful and fluid. Lil C loved it and said it so verbosely that I can’t quote him.

Mitchell & Caitlynn

Jean-Marc Genereaux Samba

Song: Put it in a Love Song by Alica Keyes & Beyonce

I thought that was so fun and sassy! Mary said it was spectacular, with Caitlynn’s movements being so loose and sexy. She was also so impressed that Mitchell was able to look like he was having fun without it looking cheesy. Nigel thought this week exposed their strengths, especially Mitchell after being disappointed last week. Kristen had the best reaction, just “shut the front door! you shut your legs, you opened your legs. Just shut your front door!”

Miranda & Robert

Tyce D’iorio Broadway

Song: It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing by Sophistocated Ladies

That was roughhhh. I don’t know if that was Tyce’s choreography or if their timing was off or I just wasn’t feeling. However, Kristen loved it and had no notes for them. Lil C was left in awe from Miranda, “with legs like that, who needs arms?” Even Nigel loved it and is shocked that Robert was ever in danger of leaving the show. I can’t say I agree with the judges. I think this was one of the weakest routines yet this season and they’ll be in the bottom three couples.

Melanie & Marko

Nappy Tabs Lyrical Hip Hop

Song: I Got You by Leona Lewis

THEY WERE SO GOOD. I loved the emotion, their movements, and that kiss! Lil C called them a power couple with a connection so “crispy, clean, and beefy.” Nigel can’t even judge them individually because they actually danced together, breathed together, their hearts beat together. They are with a doubt the couple to beat, and I’ve felt that way since their first partner dance. Mary was so impressed with their kiss because she had such trouble with it on broadway then suddenly Nigel just leaned in for a big, gross kiss. Cat’s reaction was great: “That’s like walking in on mom and dad!”Kristen called them “the epitome of the language that I understand” and was so moved that she just leaned in and kissed Lil C! And then Nigel had to one up it all and went in and kissed Lil C!

Chris & Ashley

Sonya Tayeh Jazz

Song: Lights Go Down (District 78 Remix) by Telepathe

Chris was notably better at hitting the moves with the beat. Nigel didn’t think there was enough heart and soul in this piece to connect with it. It felt like two people who were dancing in weird clothes in makeup, rather than characters. Mary definitely agreed with Nigel, but loved the progress that Chris has been making on the show. Kristen didn’t connect to it either, but was still totally invested while watching. Kristen thinks the show should be called “so you think you can partner” and they would excel at it, and also calls out Ashley as her favorite dancer on the show. Lil C also called her the “sleeper cell” because you forget about her until she dances and then you can’t believe you forgot her about.

Jess “the mess” & Clarice

Jean-Marc Genereaux Foxtrot

Song: Fly Me To the Moon by Frank Sinatra

That was probably their best best routine yet! Mary thought it was beautiful, with Clarice even looking like she’d been dancing the Foxtrot for years. This was Kristen’s favorite performance of the night; they were magic together even comparing them to Fred & Ginger. Nigel thought Clarice’s dress was “a spiderweb of bling” and as beautiful as their dancing.

Ryan & Ricky

Sonya Tayeh Contemporary

Song: With Every Heartbeat (Acoustic) by Robyn

RYAN STOP SMILING. YOU DON’T SMILE DURING A ROUTINE ABOUT LOVE DYING. Ugh, I want her to go so badly. Ricky was amazing with fantastic jumps and lines. Lil C called them a power couple…really?! REALLY!? The judges just spouted praises and accolades and I didn’t agree with them at all. If they really loved it as much as they said they did, they’d have teared up or gave them a standing ovation.

Jordan & Tadd

NappyTabs Hip Hop

Song: Memories by David Guetta feat Kid Cudi

Scandalous! I absolutely loved it. NappyTabs are so awesome. It takes technique it takes to get into clothes musically and make it look easy. Lil C enjoyed it, except that some of their movements didn’t go through their whole bodies and ”you gotta dance to the bone.” Kristen thought they were a dessert and she loved every bite.

Dee Caspary Group Routine

Song: Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars

I liked the first group routine better. The song didn’t really fit the murderous storyline and I didn’t feel the evil in the girls’ movements. The costuming was great and Melanie definitely stood out, but I was disappointed given I thought this group was more talented than the first group.

Bottom Three Prediction:

Miranda & Robert

Ryan & Ricky

Chris & Ashley

I want to put Jess & Clarice in there, because I’m not a Jess “the mess” fan and the Foxtrot is typically a dance of death. But, they did it so well and he even controlled his face mugging that i don’t think they were the weakest performers. I do think their praises were completely overblown, but I felt that about a few routines tonight. The judges need to stop being so efusive and start giving out some true critiques. I never thought I’d say this, but maybe I miss Mia on the panel?

Who do you think will be in the bottom three tonight?

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